Jan 19, 2009

REAL HEROS/REAL PEOPLE:Ann Dunham·1942-1995·Madelyn Dunham·1922-2008·Grandmother and Mother of President Barack Obama·

·Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, 1942-1995·

·Madelyn Dunham 1922-2008·

Great Women whose love and inspiration gave America
and the world a great leader and our first African American
President Elect of The United States of America.

With respect and Aloha from Hawaii,

·Thanks to Ann Dunham
·Thanks to Madelyn Dunham
·Thanks to Moana, Hawaii
·Thanks to Flickr Photosharing


Cany said...

I think I see where the O got his great smile!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Pitty they cannot share this great day.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I see them smiling down from above. What a great day this is for America! No red states, no blue states, just the United States.

It is 21 degrees with snow on the ground here. Brrr. I love the pic of the red hot erupting volcano you have up there. Or is that some fireworks.

Leonard said...

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from the foot of the volcano (yes, it´s the authentic eruption captured by Juan Carlos)...I´m glued to the T.V...CNN International...everyone is THRILLED IN LATIN AMERICA and there will be a big inaugural ball nearby TONIGHT...yes, I´ll be there as it´s a sell-out!

Love to all,

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Thanks to Juan Carlos for the awesome picture. We have been glued to the tube since I sent you that message earlier. The talking heads are mostly a pain. Enjoyed Colin Powell interview. Right now we have Rachel and Keith doing "talking head" so things are getting more interesting.

I shall be here cheering when Bush and Cheny leave. Liberation is at hand. Oh, happy day. No more red states or blue states just this THE United States where hopefully all barriers will finally be taken down.

I know you will have a smashing time at the ball and be the life of the party.

Leonard said...

WOW, the JOYOUS spirit is everywhere...I telephoned my Internet Provider early this A.M. and the old man, the owner, answered as it was before the office opened at the nearby town...I explained, in my broken Spanish, about how badly I needed my service today (I had a little problem gaining access to internet around 5:OO A.M.) for the Inauguration of Barack Obama...he kept wishing me well, blessing me/us, he started crying with hope about the change that is coming and the departure of Bush and what is perceived as a war-mongering era and unhealthy for worldwide unity. How´s that for remote reporting of HUGE best wishes for America and ALL AMERICANS in all of the Americas?

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--At 12:05 p.m. EDT, WE DID IT, WE DID IT. And well hey, a little gloat here--did you notice the lack of applause when Bush came out to be seated.

Leonard said...

Hi Bonnie,

My connection went down (probably just at the right moment because I was yammering on and on about John Boehner (R-OH) insulating Bush as he walked in...what I found more interesting is the grandstanding, me,me,me, prayer of Rick Warren...one of the CNN commentators announced that nobody, he said NOBODY, clapped when he was announced and the people on the Mall didn´t like him...stark contrast to the closing prayer...Rick Warren pandered and missed his moment...NOBODY else did...up, up and away...Bush is heading home, he´s best off if he never leaves Texas again.

Leonard said...

BTW, I think John Boehner, is missing step with contemporary politics...he´s one of the tired old, pontificating, false moral prophets, and loudmouth fake know-it-alls of the Republican Party...they´ve gotta move away from that stupidy and bluster that they think appears to be macho moralistic reason and strength...it won´t work for them anymore no matter how dirty the look or words...pigheadedness is dead...or nearly faded out entirely as Cheney got wheeled in/out and Bush is taking his final, thank God, Powder...Rove is a hero only at vile Fox News and Rumsfeld has been exposed for the sadistic moron/bully that he REALLY IS!

I hope we see them next at a War Crimes court (along with Pete Akinola and his massacre of Yelwa anti-muslim murderous crap).

Brian R said...

Hi Leonardo
I actually set my alarm and got out of bed at 3am to watch Barack Obama was sworn in just after dais about 4am my time. I went back to bed when he left the dais at 4.45am. Then my sister visited for the day and we watched most of it repeated again over lunch.
Our Prime Minister has called Barack Obama "the hope of the world".

David G. said...

The less said about Fox News TV's(National Enquirer), the BETTER!!

I heard a news person say today (1-20-09) that this(Barack Obabma's Inauguration) was the most defining moment of the 21st Century.

Perhaps,...but I Hope there are BETTER things to come,..while I still occupy space on this Earth.

Leonard said...

GOOD BRIAN...how nice to have you joining in amongst us...it seems that the eventual point of this whole madness is that we are ALL BELOVED NEIGHBORS...as requested, commanded and NEEDED! We need each other and we´re NOT needy, how´s that for emotionally/spiritually healthy?