Nov 19, 2012

TODAYS GRATITUDE NEWS: It's a wonderful life!

¨For 15 years, Aung San Suu Kyi waited in her lakeside villa, confined to the small plot of land under house arrest, dreaming of her return to the world. On Monday, the world, or a big piece of it, came calling on her.

President Obama pulled up to the driveway of her house in Rangoon, Burma and he brought Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton with him...¨  Thanks to the Washington Post


Mariachis at Iglesia Cristo Rey church today in Wattsonville, California, U.S.A.

As the Church of England weighs whether it will allow women to become bishops, the Anglican Church has ordained its first female bishop in Africa.

Ellinah Wamukoya, 61, was consecrated Saturday to serve as the church's bishop in Swaziland, a tiny, impoverished nation surrounded by South Africa that is the continent's last absolute monarchy. Speaking Monday to The Associated Press, Wamukoya said she wanted to bring integrity to the church. HERE



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