Nov 21, 2012

THE ERA OF ++ROWAN´S CONFUNDLEMENT: The near end of an era at the Church of England/Anglican Communion

Dr. Rowan Williams and the end of his era of Church of England/Anglican Communion confundlement
¨Well confusion sucks just like brain wars in your head or maybe both together which isnt even the slightest of a thought of what is going on in my head right now which is such a big humungo-ish-izzle thing that I cant even describe or explain this...*thing* and the worst part about it is I cant do anything about it cuz it just is and the only two things I can think to do to help/solve/worsen it could end up being very very good or very very bad and I dont want the bad and I want the good of course but that doesnt make anything any easier nor my choice and this is the same damn thing I wrote in the post about 3 post-a-mobobbers ago and idk it just has come  back and it is bothering me constantly and it is scary¨
 What's next for the Church of England ? HERE


Grandmère Mimi said...

Rowan will hand over a wreck of a ship to the new captain. I can't help but think that the outcome of the vote on women bishops was predictable. Appeasement does not work.

Leonard Clark said...

Mimi, I was shocked (and I've learned not to shock easily)...imagine the 100% pure venom this vote's clear that the Church of England folks are not paying to the depth of fear/hatred the Evo's generate at Church and beyond. I think PM Cameron will step up to the plate and make these haters irate! Watch! The good news is they offend easily.