Nov 1, 2012

GRACELESS: Archbishop Okoh, apparently not content to resolve the devasting religious rioting and blood drenched civil upraisings in Nigeria, speaks out on how to reorganize The Church of England and the Anglican Communion

The Most Reverend Nicolas Okoh: Nigerian Anglican tackles Britain on Canterbury bishop selection while simultaneously Anglicans are murdered in their own parish churches in Nigeria.
¨The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) demanded a change in the age-long tradition that allows the British government to appoint the Archbishop of Canterbury, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The Primate of the Church, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, on Wednesday in Abuja made the call at a media briefing to herald the 2012 Divine Commonwealth Conference scheduled to begin in the city next week.

NAN reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is due to retire by the end of the year and according to the the tradition, the British Prime Minister is expected to name his successor.

The appointment of the new Church leader is based on the recommendations of the UK-based Crown Nominations Commission, a 16-member body made up of bishops, priests and laity.
Okoh, who a fierce critic of the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, described the selection process for the new church leader as “politicised”...¨  questioning the wisdom, HERE

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