Nov 23, 2012

To Hector ¨Macho¨ Camacho, his family, his friends and fans: I offer prayers of thanksgiving from all of us who have been fortunate enough to appreciate/admire Hector with his larger-than-life presence in our everyday lives.

Hector ¨Macho¨ Camacho

There are STARS in the sky and there are STARS we can appreciate living amongst us right here on Earth.  Hector ¨Macho¨ Camacho represents a whole galaxy of bright twinkling STARS of enthusiasm in our own lives.  A right-sized-giant-sized down to Earth kind of guy who is loved and appreciated by millions -- before and now.  A multi-faceted STAR of a man.  Thank you for being our friend. Today his life is dimming but his STAR is forever  --  it is ascending -- soon ¨Macho Camacho¨ will fly way up high in the sky where he will shine-on all of us again.

Leonard Clark/Leonardo Ricardo
Guatemala, Central America


Paul (A.) said...

Hear, hear!

A tragic end to a great life.

Leonard Clark said...

Thinking of him makes my heart/head and lips smile...what a great entertainer and universal friend.