Nov 26, 2012

MY PUEBLO IN FULL BLOOM/THE LAND OF ETERNAL SPRING: The Poinsettias aka "pascuas" are out in abundance now.

I live in a small village in Guatemala.  The villagers grow beautiful export quality flowers and coffee plants too.  The Fincas are large and small and many and varied but this time of year, right now, the ¨Pascuas¨ are in full-flower and making ready for their trip to homes all around the world and also to be sold locally.

Living at the source of a large export market for Roses, Poinsettias, Orchids and Coffee beans is quite a joy and all-year round we have various types of flowers that come into's living in a huge endless garden that keeps on flowering in the ¨Land of Eternal Spring.¨ Yesterday, my friend Joan and a friend of hers came to San Miguel to purchase their Christmas Poinsettias...they loaded their car and off they went with this years treasures of real live decor for their homes in's a Holiday Tradition.

Guatemala is a lush, fertile and lovely place to live.  The abundance of great beauty is all around us and many who come here are caught immediately by a certain/special enchantment that seems to be thick in the air...almost mysterious.  Truly the heart of the Maya.

The Fuego Volcano and the finca San Sebastian. Literally at the end of the street where I live (only blocks up the road).

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Anonymous said...

I found it to be an enchanting place, way beyond my expectations. The Guatemalen people I met were also very sweet. I think of them often.