Nov 4, 2012

Independent Women: Whatever The Hell You Do On Tuesday, Don’t Make Mitt Romney Our President!

GOP CIRCLING: ¨President Obama and Mitt Romney are still – incomprehensibly – tied in the polls¨
¨The election is days away, President Obama and Mitt Romney are still – incomprehensibly – tied in the polls, and I’m having flashbacks from the bad acid trip that was the George W. Bush presidency. Nobody I know is laughing at a Mitt Romney win in that “it could never happen” kind of way we did back in 2000, because it absolutely did happen then, and it happened again in 2004. And if George W. Bush could be re-elected after the first four years of his presidency, anything is possible.

Halloween is over, but how fitting the season. Like the zombie’s hand reaching from the grave at the end of the horror movie, just when you thought it was finally over, I fear that gays, blacks, women, will be dragged back down, kicking and screaming, by another Republican presidency, the gains of the last four years lost as if the Obama years were all just a dream.

There has been a strange calm over the Republican Party in the last couple of months, like a lake without ripples, yet something seems to be lurking deep under the surface, waiting to emerge. After the Republican primaries, it was almost as if the Tea Party and their bat-shit crazy agenda just disappeared. Mitt Romney was made the Republican presidential candidate, and someone locked the Tea Partiers in the Political Makeover Cabin and told them to keep their mouths shut until the coast was clear.,,¨ HERE

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