Aug 7, 2012

VICTIMS OF SOCIOPATHS: Traits before and after -- and the ¨brainwashed¨ accomplices of Sociopaths -- Part Three


Below are the traits most commonly attributed to a sociopath’s target. Every person is inherently different, and that includes each target and the traits that are most pronounced in the individual. An individual would definitely not need any of these traits to be preyed upon.

This is not an attempt to diagnose anyone.


•Difficulty communicating

•A lack of self confidence

•Wanting to please

•A belief that if you love enough the person will change

•A belief that if you love enough the relationship will succeed

•Difficulty establishing and maintaining boundaries

•Not being able to say no

•Being easily influenced by others

•Wanting to be rescued from your life situation

•Wanting to rescue others from their distress

•Being over nurturing particularly when not asked

•Feelings of shame and self doubt

•Low self-esteem

•A lack of memories about childhood or periods of adulthood

•A lack of motivation from within and being motivated by others

AFTER: SYMPTOMS of a Relentlessly Abused VICTIM

This is a very accurate list of symptoms experienced by someone who has had their psyche brutally victimized by a sociopath. With that said, this list is not all-inclusive, nor is it intended to be part of any diagnostic function, whatsoever. These symptoms can also be triggered by many other conditions or events.

The source of this data is from ongoing research, but the majority of the data is derived and confirmed from personal experience … the key word being “majority” There are some symptoms listed here that I have not experienced at all, though they have been mentioned enough for me to accept them as potentially common.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced even a few of these symptoms, seek professional help. Keep in mind, though, that not all “help” is equal. If the professional you choose does not seem to relate to your needs as you would expect or desire, keep looking.

•Emotional paralysis

•PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

•Suicidal thoughts or actions (indirect homicide)

•Loss of interest in life

•Loss of energy



•Depression or Severe Depression

•Numbing of feelings

•Disinterest in having a relationship

•Panic attacks


•Increased anxiety from being alone

•Increased anxiety from being in crowds

•Mood swings

Sources:,, and; personal experience (50+ years)

·  Thanks to Country of Liars, HERE

Two of dozens of comments:


¨...the accomplices my sociopath has surrounded himself with that are still gnawing at me, almost relentlessly so…will they eventually stop? Other than ignoring them what can I do?  They will not listen to reason. They firmly believe that he’s a good man and see me as the evil one. Please help with any advise. Thank you.¨  Catherine


¨It’s impossible to provide a definitive answer, as your sociopath’s disciples have been brainwashed. The likelihood of changing their perceptions is probably nil.

The best thing for you is to be proactive. Clear these people from your life. I know that can be very difficult since they may be family, friends, or co-workers. But whatever it takes, distance yourself. All my efforts to change the minds of my sociopaths’ disciples ended in failure and even threats.

I gave up in changing anyone’s mind, and just have been doing my best in moving forward...¨  Larry

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River said...

In my experience the sociopath eventually turns on everyone close to them and their accomplices often become their victims also. Of course it takes time, sometimes years.