Aug 1, 2012

HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN: The garden is heavy with blooms in the ¨Land of Eternal Spring¨

I´m home.  All is well.  The dogs were leaping around me when I returned last night...lot´s of leaping as we´ve got five --that included Coban who was visiting for a week because his mother(s), the stars of many skies, were featured singers at the Newport Folk Festival (and they were heavily praised in the Boston Globe reviews and previews both before and after the festival). 

Big greeting. The birds were chirping and Chepe the Gardener and Juan Carlos the Great were busy doing their Tuesday evening miracle of ¨Night Gardening¨ (It happens every Tuesday and Friday night as Juan Carlos loves working in the garden and Chepe IS the Vice Mayor of this town during the day but he was our official gardener long before public service). 

Me? I went to bed early last night and I´m going back to bed for a few right now.

Love to all of you.  I extend great fondness and gladness for my friends -- especially to those of you who were so kind as to have me as a guest in your homes this past month...and thanks to my work associates too in Austin, Texas...¨our reviews¨ were also excellent!  Un gran abrazo, Len


Grandmère Mimi said...

Welcome home, Len.

motheramelia said...

Nice to know you are safely home.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you ladies, it´s nice to be back with the rainy season doing it´s afternoon rainpouring...the country is blasting green and new growth everywhere...still a little sleepy after the return trip but activities are filling the calendar already. Best to all, Len

JCF said...

Travelin' mercies, Returnin' Alleluias!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks JCF, The Unitarians were swell, friendly, open and a extremely welcoming lot BUT, I´m with you, the Episcopal Church is the place for me (just not in the diocese of Central Florida)