Aug 8, 2012

GAY UGANDA aka ´GUG´ SPEAKS OUT AGAIN: Dr. Paul Semugoma has come out as gay and he has much to say!

Dr. Paul Semugoma, OUR HERO!
Dear Friends at the foot of the volcano,

For many years I´ve blogged almost every word, every mood, every hope and every time of frustration written by ¨Gug¨ at the blog ¨Gay Uganda¨ (still available at the bottom of sidebar).  Over a year ago ¨Gug¨ stopped his entries. He quite literally stopped writing and many of his loyal supporters and worldwide friends were quite distressed as he´d been repeatedly and hatefully, threatened week after week in his ¨comments¨ section.  Our Gay Activist friend David Kato had already and recently been murdered in Uganda and the well-being of ´Gug´ and his partner of 10 years mattered to us. 
Dangerous it IS to be Gay in Uganda.  

I worry no more and send Dr. Paul Semugoma, my longtime online friend, ¨Gug¨ my very best wishes and great hope for the personal happiness, for he and his beloved partner, during the next part of his very vital life.  Leonardo Ricardo

¨As far as coming out stories go, this one should have been the lead story on all the television stations in Africa, plastered across CNN, the BBC, VOA and every well-meaning cyber news media. It wasn’t.

It should have been the headline carried on the multitude of Uganda’s radio channels and extensive interviews of the man (and reactions from his friends) ought to have been conducted by Uganda’s four main television stations with the intention of making the story dinner-time viewing for the entire country. None of that happened.

Paul Semugoma’s coming out on Facebook should nonetheless go down as a watershed moment in the struggle for Ugandan (and African) gay men and women to live their lives freely in their own countries without having to apologize or justify themselves to vengeful pastors and idle government ministers.

For those who don’t know it, Paul Semugoma is the blogger who, for years, wrote the extremely erudite, albeit ‘cry in the wilderness’ John-the-Baptist GayUganda blog...¨  please read it all, I´m so happy our very own dear friend ¨Gug¨ and his ¨quiet ferocity¨ of a voice have been found  HERE

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