Aug 21, 2012

ELECT REPUBLICANS? The All-American Spring 2013 (a nation ¨calls in sick¨ and the ¨trickle up¨ economy kicks in*)

The GOP sleaze/con artists of November -- truth is a very angry reality!
¨Does anybody get what’s happening to the Republican Party? Superficially they look okay – Mitt Romney’s getting ready for his coronation next week in Tampa, and he’s not far behind in the polls – but the reality is the party is falling apart. And this has been apparent for some time now.

The clearest indication was last winter as the primaries got started. They had a bunch of cartoon characters running for president – remember Herman Cain? – but this has been going on for years. Michelle Bachmann always reminded me of that former secretary of state of Florida, Katherine Harris, who liked to do remote stand-up interviews on TV (“Hannity and Colmes”) in profile so men could see her breasts. She ran the worst campaign imaginable for the U.S. Senate in 2006 – then when she’d get in trouble she’d just make stuff up...¨ much, much more, HERE

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*Can you imagine what would happen if the majority of U.S. citizens use ¨sick leave¨ (or just call in sick) for a day, a week, a month in January? No trips to Las Vegas!  No dental/physical check ups for a year!  No shopping at any of the GOP fundie stores!  Cut way down on gasoline!  Stay home, no eating out (especially at Chick-a-filet). Alternate cities could have citiwide strikes!  Nobody pays any bills for one month or two!  Occupy everything/everywhere because the Republicans are destroying America. 

The people of Americas answer to ¨DO NOTHING¨ OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS who have voided/filabustered every positive act for solid growth/prosperity presented by Democrats and by President Barack Obama for the past FOUR YEARS!

It all could happen, and much worse, just by electing greedy/bigotted/people abusing
Republicans in November!  The price for continuing to lie and screwing fellow citizens may destroy any chance of prosperity (not to mention justice and equality).

Reality just takes some getting used to, so get used to it, Mitt and accomplices!

Leonardo Ricardo

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Fred Schwartz said...

You are so correct -- this began in earnest with the election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency. We in California knew of him because after eight years he had wrecked the college and unicversity system; the mental health system, the social outrach system and just about every system except for the capitialism system. That system, he worshipped.

Today, the most flaterring complement one can pay a republlican is that he/she sounds just like Ronald Reagan. And nowadays, everyone is trying to out do each other. One wants to ban LGBT from the face of the earth and so the goof-ball from Missouri decides to kill off all the women. It is going to look very interesting when the women are all dead and there are just men left. Then, what are rebublicans to do?