Aug 31, 2012

THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION FADES INTO THE SUNSET OF ETERNAL DECEIT: Liars, bigots and religiouslike preachers and greedsters have spoken with twisted minds and selfish hearts.

Republicans believe Democrats are spiritually deformed, evil and/or beyond redemption.  Only the GOP can save us from OUR lazy, feckless, selfish and un-American immoralselves . 
It´s over!  Thank God it´s over.  The Republicans have finished their zesty ¨White Folks¨ (I am also White)  booze-in-performance in Tampa, Florida by nominating a non-alcohol-drinking,  albeit truthtwisting, Mormon to become President of the United States.  Every four years they use their ¨covention¨ to validate lies, blame and shame against everything/everyone other than their demeaning-of-others, do-nothing, congress obstructing, aspiring to and/or already deeply entrenched wealthdriven/greedyselves...they attempt to refocus noxious real acts of destructiveness by attempting to make themselves appear politically/spiritually wholesome.  They indulge in glossy fantasy, idealism and surrealistic pretend.

The entire ¨covention nominating¨ was a spectacle to behold night after night (I forced myself into the chair after turning on the T.V.) that left me speechless (almost).  It was sometimes hard to absorb the fact that GOP folks, dressed up in various cloaks/costumes of self/other American Colonial pretending, actually could believe the ¨altering¨ of their very own pettiness, blatant lies and/or ¨fall for¨ the lack of real reasoning that spewed forth in speeches each night.  Sometimes fashionable/attractive appearing sleezsters were trimmed, dyed, retouched and resurfaced with religiouslike self-righteousness into a faux-Americanism they illustrated with grandstanding, opportunism and posturing.  I believe the shallowness of it all was obvious to most but not to them.  The disgusting words and hatefilled slurs against others, spoke of a ¨prettier¨ Great American reality future by using lies, distortions, vague notions of ¨management direction¨ and/or flat-out twisted truths...a loathsome prime time experience to behold.  Leonardo Ricardo

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart had some fun both swooning over GOP veep nominee Paul Ryan's deep blue eyes and absolutely eviscerating him for the many, many falsehoods he included in his RNC speech this week, like the claim that Obama is "gutting" Medicare when Paul Ryan's budget plan takes the same exact steps.

Watch Stewart do his thing as only Stewart knows how HERE  (Thanks to Towleroad, sidebar)

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