Aug 6, 2012

THE WORLD OF SOCIOPATHS AROUND ME/ASTOUNDS ME: Psychopath vs. Sociopath, Part 2 -- Erratic -- ¨They have no respect for the social norm¨

¨I aspire to have more creativity than the common asshole¨

Sometimes people suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder also tend to suffer from another mental disorder known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Such people are often called narcissistic sociopaths or sociopaths with narcissistic traits and such a situation is a dangerous one, as these people do not want to be helped. Such people often tend to be highly manipulative and without any shred of remorse for their actions, even if their actions have harmed others who are close to them or their family members. There is nothing that can stop a narcissistic sociopath from achieving his goals. He makes use of all his charm which is highly superficial and intellect in order to attain his goals by any means possible. Such people often think that they are above all and they do not really care if anyone disagrees with them.


Many a time people tend to get confused between a psychopath and a sociopath. Though psychopathy is not a disorder that is formally recognized, it is more or less considered to be a form of antisocial personality disorder. People considered to be psychopaths are often paranoid and suspicious and the implications of this paranoia tend to be severe, with psychopaths interpreting all aggressive behavior against them as unjust. Usually psychopaths are organized and they can have normal relationships and they are successful career wise too. These people place a lot of emphasis on planning, especially when planning to commit a crime, they tend to plan for years. However when it comes to sociopaths, they are incapable of maintaining relationships, jobs and they are highly disorganized and erratic. As they have no respect for social norm, they do not hesitate to physically or verbally abuse their victims.

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