Aug 26, 2012

TAMPA BOUND? REPUBLICAN RED ALERT: Not only do a majority of American voters support marriage equality but they are more likely to support candidates with pro-LGBT postions. UPDATE - Crist endorses Obama!

¨A poll released today by Harris Interactive for Logo TV shows that support for LGBT Americans is no longer a wedge issue among voters.

Not only do a majority of American voters support marriage equality, but the poll also indicates that voters are more likely to support a candidate who takes pro-LGBT positions. 49 percent said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports legislation to protect LGBT students and 48 percent favored a candidate who supports enacting laws to prohibit workplace discrimination of LGBT Americans.

The poll also looked at which issues LGBT voters prioritize compared to the general population. Overall, for both groups economic issues dominate. Looking at LGBT issues specifically, the poll found that while both groups generally agree on which issues are important, LGBT voters care more about marriage equality and workplace protections than American voters overall. Just 1 in 5 general voters said they didn’t care about any LGBT issues.

In terms of progress for LGBT Americans, 77 percent of LGBT voters said the country is moving in the right direction. The poll also found that while LGBT voters favor Democrats, 26 percent still said they would consider supporting Republican Party candidates who had the same positions on LGBT issues as Democratic Party candidates.¨   HERE


Former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist
Crist Endorses Obama: ‘Extreme’ Positions Make GOP ‘Incapable Of Governing’ HERE

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