Jan 2, 2012

A bad case of déjà vu: ¨...the Republicans and the Loony Religious Fringe¨

¨Every single one of the sops Newt Gingrich and the other Republican candidates are throwing the far right have been scripted for them by generations of so-called Reconstructionist "thinkers", Roman Catholic ideologues and Christian Zionists that have been pushing the religious community -- and America -- steadily in the direction of overthrowing democracy and replacing it with some version of an Americanized theocracy...¨  please read it all, by Frank Schaeffer,   HERE

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rwattonville said...

Chameleons like Newt & the other neo-cons play to whatever audience is in front of them. It's all about business masquerading as religion. One fiscally conservative candidate,35 year libertarian Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of Texas deserves our support.