Jan 4, 2012

ATTN ANGLICAN CHURCH OF WEST INDIES: Anti-homophobia candidate to become prime minister of Jamaica!

Elected with a landslide victory, Portia Simpson Miller becomes Prime Minister of LGBT bloodsoaked Jamaica
“Our administration believes in protecting the human rights of all Jamaicans,” Simpson Miller responded. “No one should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Government should provide the protection.”

Speaking out against discrimination, bigotry and hate in Jamaica
¨Portia Simpson Miller’s People’s National Party won a landslide victory in Parliament over the ruling Labor Party in Jamaica yesterday, giving her a second run at her previous role as first female Prime Minister of that Caribbean nation.

Homophobe ¨chairman¨ of the punative Anglican Covenant design team, Archbishop, retired and waiting to inflict more pain, Drexel Gomez, Anglican Church of the Jamaica and the West Indies
¨Jamaica is well known for its severe homophobia around the world, and in the past decade, many instances of serious anti-gay violence in Jamaica have caught the attention of the international media. In addition disgraced former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, had vowed to keep gays out of his Cabinet, a policy supported by Simpson Miller’s opponent, and outgoing Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, who stepped in to take Golding’s place upon his resignation two months ago....¨ HERE

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Whoa! This is seriously good news, Len. Good for the people of Jamaica.

Ciss B said...

I agree with Mimi! This is GOOD news!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes! LGBT citizens of Jamaica have been suffering for lifetimes...there is no wonder people are brutalized when many of the ¨Christian¨ folk specialize in demonzing and outcasting their brothers and sisters at Church...that would include the Anglican camp who were under the thumb of Archbishop Drexel Gomez! What a guy, he prefers to through people out of church than open doors and embrace the least of us!
It´s good to know his ¨old non-thinking¨ is becoming as obsolete as he has become...peoples lives depend on it!