Jan 11, 2012

MEET MARK GLAZE: Gay man heads mayors group on curbing gun crimes

Mark Glaze, The Raben Group
¨When Raben client Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns began the search for a new director, Glaze was a natural choice, having worked extensively on the group’s issues as a strategist. With a young son in D.C. and a just-purchased townhouse under renovation, Glaze agreed to take on the New York-based position but split his time between New York and Raben’s Washington offices...¨

 ¨Out leaders aren’t just working on LGBT issues.  They’re involved at every level of government and in numerous advocacy organizations dedicated to important public policy challenges of all stripes.  Today marks the first in a new series of posts highlighting the contributions and careers of these openly LGBT leaders – out men and women who are leading policy initiatives that touch the lives of nearly all Americans...¨

Mark Glaze is a Colorado native who came to Washington, D.C., in the mid-1990s. After working as a staffer on Capitol Hill, Glaze attended law school at George Washington University on a prestigious Truman Scholarship, and then set sail for New York after graduating. But a love of policy and politics eventually pulled him back to D.C. and public interest work. Glaze ran his own communications consultancy before joining the plugged-in Democratic strategy firm  The Raben Group and HERE

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