Jan 20, 2012

SCHISMATIC OPPORTUNISTS AVAILABLE -- ATTENTION ROWAN WILLIAMS, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY: Ought not both the ACNA and ECO ¨excluders¨ be offered the ¨Anglican Covenant¨ Ordinariate?

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archpusher of the punative/excluding Anglican Covenant HERE

¨As you may know, this past summer the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) decided to allow the ordination of gay clergy.¨

¨Yesterday, a new Presbyterian denomination was born: the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians — or, for short, ECO (as opposed to echo, which is a hollow, after-the-fact, ever-diminishing noise).

ECO was formed by pastors and laypeople in response to PCUSA’s decision to join the 21st century. They’re against gay people being ordained as ministers, and so started their own sub-denomination wherein such a thing would be prohibited.

And that’s fair enough. If they want to take their ball and go play with themselves in the corner, that’s certainly their right.

What is certainly most notable, however, is ECO’s refusal to anywhere, in any way whatsoever, just come out and say that they formed in response to PCUSA’s sanctioning the ordination of gay people. Everyone knows that’s why ECO formed. It’s hardly a mystery or secret...¨ HERE


The Church of England and the Anglican Church in North America


Anglican Covenant ¨signer/supporter¨ TEC former Bishop of Pittsburgh (deposed),  Robert Duncan, head of the ACNA ¨continuing¨  schismatic church in North America
¨Robert Duncan, the former/deposed TEC bishop of Pittsburgh recently had his ACNA ¨continuing church¨ group ¨endorse¨ the Anglican Covenant (the ACNA has absolutely no official affiliation or standing with The Anglican Communion).

Robert Duncans Gafcon associates amongst The Global South/Gafcon Primate crowd, of which he is in full communion and a full member, said they WILL NOT accept the very same Covenant, as written, nor attend the Primates Meetings...¨

Who is ¨off message¨ or is this simply another well-choreographed Global South Anglican Communion house-cleaning and schismatic caper to replace the TEC with the ACNA?

Will the Gafcon Primates compromise and attend Primates Meetings if Rowan Williams plays along by ¨removing¨ some of the ¨instrument of Communion¨ members via his ¨Anglican Covenant¨ Ordinariate

Will Archbishop Rowan Williams and Archbishop John Sentamu continue to recognize the ACNA (quietly) by agreeing to ¨amend¨ (secretly) the Anglican Covenant Ordinariate to exclude the less-holy/inclusive ¨Episcopalians¨ and ¨Anglican Church of Canada¨ Christians (and other inclusive Anglican Provinces) at the Anglican Communion?

Archbishop Drexel Gomez, retired, remains ¨available if needed¨ to rework and strengthen the Anglican Communion Covenant Ordinariate for the Gafcon/Global South schismatics


Archbishop Drexel Gomez, chairperson of the Anglican Covenant Design Group, and retired Archbishop of LGBT blood-drenched Jamaica/West Indies,  remains ¨ready¨ to continue with his Anglican ¨Covenant¨ ordinariate/inquisition work. HERE

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