Jan 14, 2012

¨MANO DURA¨ PROMISES RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: New Guatemala President Otto Perez Molina takes office

President Perez Molina said he wants to build a culture of peace and respect for human rights
¨The new president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, has been sworn into office after his election victory in November.

Mr Perez Molina - a former army general - has promised tough action to combat soaring levels violent crime and drug trafficking.

He has also promised to reduce poverty and child malnutrition.

Mr Perez Molina, 61, is the first military figure to lead Guatemala since the return to democracy in 1986.

He took over from the Social Democrat Alvaro Colom, who was prohibited by the constitution from standing for a second term as president.

In a speech to thousands of cheering supporters in Guatemala City, President Perez Molina promised to bring "profound change" to Guatemala.

"We take over a country in crisis, a country close to moral bankruptcy, where respect for authority and the rule of law has been replaced by a culture of corruption and impunity," he said.  please read it all, HERE

Guatemala president orders army to join drugs fight

¨One day after his inauguration, Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina has ordered the army to join the fight against drug cartels.

Mr Perez Molina, who is a retired general, called on the military to "neutralise organised crime".
Officials say the police in some areas of Guatemala have been infiltrated by drug gangs...¨ HERE

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