Dec 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 - 2012: Work in progress from my studio...

Full Bloom II  3´x 4´
The Otherside of the Volcano 4´x 5´
Feastival (painted pot), Feast Table II, Orchid Chair (six different chairs/orchids)
Insider View Feastival Pot
Feast Table II, Feastival Pot
·  Thanks to Juan Carlos, photos
·  Thanks to Taller Staff
·  Thanks to 2011 into 2012
·  Thanks to Caniz (door to door shipping)


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Len! We're so looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!


Molly (and John)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Molly and John, Looking forward to seeing you too...we await at the foot of the volcano! Happy New Year and give my regards to Broadway!

Muthah+ said...


Happy New years

Josh Thomas said...

Happy New Year, Leonardo and family (dogs especially). Luke and I have just groomed each other (petting, licking) and taken a whirl in our office chair. I don't know which of us enjoys it more. "Oh," he says, "this is your way of running around in circles just like I do."

Am I correct in thinking that besides your own marvelous gifts for color and craft (I want one of your pots), you also create within indigenous-yet-evolving styles in Central America? I saw something from Honduras recently and thought, "That looks like something Leonardo might do." Please comment (or have you posted on this already?). At any rate I want one of your festival pots.

Hugs to Juan Carlos.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Josh, thanks for the compliment(s)...the thing around here is that the moment the native ¨crafters¨ see a new idea they knock it off and it floods the market...last time I lived here they did interpretations that are still to be found at the tourist, I keep my ¨work¨ quite carefully presented (no photos) and people from here rarely read my blog (outside of close friends who are most often collectors of my art). When I do offer ¨product development¨ or ¨merchandise planning¨ help, it is gratis and I´m glad to use those retail/wholesale talents to further the fortunes of those who want my help (not all appreciate or want it--pisses me off a tad when I offer something that will obviously advance their ¨prospects¨). Ah, well, all will be well...btw, I´ll keep posting pictures from time to time as the work keeps being finished...I have an order for 4 of those ¨feastival¨ not ¨festival¨ lol, pots in January...but then I´ll work on some regular production and hopefully you´ll be dazzled by them too. We have door to door shipping from Guatemala to almost´s a little expensive but it works really well (and things don´t get damaged or stolen)...Abrazos to you and Luker,

Josh Thomas said...

Sorry for the mistake; you're not always the world's best speller! Two more questions: sizes and food-safe. Neither ? is make or break, I'd be happy to display one. But if one were okay to handle food, my dinner guests would be totally dazzled; might even make the food taste better!

I'm a total sucker for pottery, but have nothing at all like yours. In addition, a Leonardo Ricardo on my shelf would be a visual reminder to pray for you and your household every day; my house is filled with such meaningful objects. Takes me five minutes every morning when I get the dog up, as I wander the living and dining rooms touching these sacred things, to make it to the kitchen where he's waiting for breakfast!

motheramelia said...

Wonderful work. Happy New Year.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Josh-- Yes, it´s true the words I make up and some that I don´t, sometimes confuse (not only you)...the pot is Q1000 (and the one pictured isn´t quite done--the rim will be painted tomorrow--then, polyurethane coated, and yes, many use my bowls for flowers and sometimes fancy cold foods--they wipe clean but not for heat). Shipping is available via DHL and others (price depending on the weight size)...we can try and get one to you another way but it will have to be carefully wrapped in someone/a friends hardsided luggage and then UPS´d after it arrives stateside). Probably best to see what comes down. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the prayers...we appreciate!

Thank you Mother Amelia...glad to see you made another safe trip West!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Ooops--Q´s are Quetzales and they change exchange-- I usually use $1 equals Q8 to keep things steady around my expenses.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

BTW..sometimes I travel and paint at the clients home...and sometimes I come to South Bend to see my friend...maybe, just maybe we can work it out (but not when you´re expecting a giant snowstorm) in the future and I´ll paint it in South Bend and you can come for lunch and pick it up.


Josh Thomas said...

Fair price for such gorgeous work. Let's worry about the shipping vs. South Bend later.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Ok...I´ll send you a photo when it´s done and you can see what you think...I´ll send it to the other email.