Dec 21, 2011

THE CHRISTMAS ANGELS OF DEATH: Anglican Church 'does not and will not accept homosexuals'

Himself, Anglican Archbishop Albert Chama, Central Africa
Just in Time for Christmas

Over and over again, time after time we hear from ¨religiouslike old men¨ who have apparently lost their way in Africa and Jamaica as they condemn and further harm, then disparage, the Human Rights of their fellow Human Beings.  

Old men at Church, and they mostly are spiritually/emotionally challenged grasping old men, who intentionally issue unpastoral edicts against the leaset amongst them/us, the marginalized, the despised.

Many Anglican old men intentionally create danger for LGBTI Anglicans. This time the less-than-intelligent-and-loving pontificating comes from Albert Chama, a Gafcon schismatic, who was not long ago enthroned Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Central Africa. After much political posturing/rangling and with the support of American ¨evangelical¨ contributors/backers, this power seeking man and his pals, a ¨cluster¨ of bigots at Church, have done much to endanger many lives of our LGBTI brothers and sisters, our families and our friends in  Central Africa. 

The nations of Central Africa, please don´t forget despot-enslaved Zimbabwe is amongst them, are places where daily intrigue, political/civil unrest, sex slavery, rampant alcoholism, poverty, child witchburning and the vile living/health standards of most citizens are ignored.  Ignored once again as MORE fear and hatefilled distractions against LGBTI citizens are first imagined, and then become, the deadly force driving daily life. 

Central Africa is a very sad place to spend Christmas. With such lack of compassion, with slothful religious leadership and, then, when missing REAL Grace and REAL caring it seems anticipating the great good of Jesus Christ is just an illusion, a con game, a superstious event which is to be twisted and misunderstood. 

May God have mercy on us ALL as the bigots and hatemakers/thieves at the Anglican Church/beyond continue to conspire to make themselves into holylooking men on the backs of the less fortunate, the oppressed.   Leonard Ricardo

¨THE head of the Anglican Church in the Central Africa Province, Archbishop Albert Chama, said his church does not accept gay practices.

The Central Africa Province consists of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi and Zambia.

Archbishop Chama, who is based in Zambia and is on a visit to the country, said this yesterday when he presided over the Order of Epiphany at St John's Cathedral in Bulawayo. He said the church was not going to reverse its position on same sex marriages.

The Order of Epiphany service is when the church recognises the great work of individuals in its ranks who had sacrificed a lot in peace building and community.

Speaking after the three hour service, Archbishop Chama said his church did not support homosexuals as this was an unacceptable practise...¨ there is more, HERE

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rwattonville said...

To make peace with authority is to become authority. Those who do not continually question ALL authority are never free; trapped in conflict & confusion, without any real peace of mind.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Challenge I do, challenge I you said to me years ago, ¨you can do anything you want to do as long as you remain present/responsible in the aftermath¨...eyeball to eyeball is what I do, much of it thanks to you.