Dec 28, 2011

AT THE FOOT OF THE VOLCANO - 2011 - Fiestas, Feasting, Friendships/Families and Lifelines/Lifesytles Linking - Sacatapequez - Guatemala

Dr. Julio Cesar Quiñonez/re-elected Mayor and Chepe his right hand ¨councilman¨ too, Lisa Jensens despidida, Juan Carlos delivers dozens of ¨Angel Food¨ bags to the elderly, The Gang of Four/Five (Tom taking the picture), Stained Glass Window by Nathan Laskey,  Sue Patterson of ¨Wings¨, John Holden/live lava, The Ladies of Fuentes, Violeta and nieta, Juan Carlitos, Gold Award winning Historian Elizebeth Bell, The Dogs of December (not pictured ¨Honey¨ and ¨Frida¨)
Gene Siesting, Birds Chirping, Minature 1´x 1´ painting, Garden Party Fiesting, Judy Sandlier Preening, Guest of a Guest Visiting, Marcos´ Waking, Our Garden Bursting, Tables Nesting, Turtles Finning, Frida Posing, Little Tables Positioning, ¨Honey¨ Peeking, Juan Carlos' Tia Visiting, Irene and Cynthia Feasting, Juan Carlos Presenting and a Little Bench for Resting.


Ciss B said...

Merry Christmas a bit late, Leonardo!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Great to see you, Ciss! The best of everything to you and yours.

Un abrazo fuerte,

JCF said...

That's a full an~o!