Dec 30, 2011

´Tis the night before another New Years Eve. Saying goodbye to 2011 is hard for me...

Some colors and textures of 2011
 Big times. Big days. Little and big parties with´s been a lovely Holiday Season (yes, I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas too at the foot of the volcano) 2011. There´s are new acquaintances who offer fresh smiles, nice additions and color my horizon differently. I need and want them (mostly) to add to the
experience, a shared experience with those I love and cherish.

2011 at the foot of the volcano

There´s been sad moments as dear ones fade away into the sunset of their own being and it´s so hard to let go, to say no,  to deny, to repaint reality before the paint is dry. I over-try to hope even before and after I cry ¨do not go¨ away from me, I try to insist and demand things aren´t as they really are (sometimes)´s the life I learn as ¨I am willing to accept the things I can not change and become willing to change the things I can...¨  (sometimes with a grudge).

It´s in the Trust of God that all will be well no matter what...ít´s trusting that becomes gratitude to me.  ´Tis the night before another New Years Eve...saying goodbye is hard for me...I often love the known and unknown in all that I see/feel each year...I cling to my very own version of reality.

 Leonardo Ricardo, Sacatapequez, Guatemala, Central America

P.S. I just got up from bed for a few moments because the volcano roared me´s still dark, it´s Five A.M., the volcano is complaining or celebrating -- which will it be (or simply letting off a little steam, like me)?

·  Thanks be to God


JCF said...

Prospero An~o Nuevo!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

THANKS JCF...enjoy!