Oct 16, 2010

PURPLESHIRTED PEOPLE EATERS: NO to Bullies, Bigots and Thieves at the Global South/Gafcon Cannibalism Cult of The Anglican Communion

There you are! Is that you? You´re not looking well, but then, you´ve always been a little purple in the face. Are you one of the ones who called me a ¨queer¨ as a child? No? Not you? Of course not? Perhaps I´m mistaken? But sir, please sir, I rarely forget a two face! Perhaps you´ve changed your disguise into an Anglican Bishop, knit one, purl two as you stir up trouble all the way to Kalamazoo? Two faces, three faces, a gang of faces a House of Bishops makes to damn others and burn us at the stake? HERE Yes, I think it´s YOU! I remember you well and I´d recognize you anywhere, you are the haters of other human beings, the not so knowledgeable demonists, who raise Hell in Gods Holy name. 

I try and take note of people like you, I have to. I really do need to keep my eye on YOU as your deadly perceptions regarding people like me make life a dangerous experience especially for the innocent children and of course the vulnerable teens...you harm, you blame, you defame.  HERE Your words into actions endanger our physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is you who kill us with your slander and maime us with homily words that often instigate hate and lifetimes of pain. It is you who experience shallow/temporary glee when congratulating yourself because you are different from me. I can see it on your smirking face(s). I know the old smearing pitch and backstabbing snitch as you attempt to make the world your bitch and you into a BIG MAN who abuses others as fast as you can...all in the name of a God who needs no defense...all in the name of God who tells us to love one another and not spread retchedness at home/around or abroad.

Be careful YOU of the not-so-friendly jaundiced two-faced attitudes. It is YOU who are revealing yourselves to be the terrified, the hatedriven, the demented who romp around trashing others in everyday life. HERE  It is YOU who may not know right from wrong, good from bad, just from criminal, happy from sad, sin from forgiveness, tolerance from joining a lynch mob and/or shaping a noose of fate for some of your flock...it´s is you who have taken leave of reality and clamour loudly and regurgitate fear for the attention you think and demand you must have. It is YOU who yak-on-and-on about a faux/delusional sense of sacred/holy and self-imagined personal ¨Godly¨ glory that makes you think you are better and more loved by God than me and all the LGBT Christian/other we´s.  It is you that is cowardly.

It is you who attempts to pray, pray away your foul odorus way of your own making in the temple where you worship selfrighteousness, ignorance and greed...it is you who remain in the dark while disrespecting others when there is plenty of light that you squander by hiding decency, truth and common sense...you fight for personal recognition while simultaneously making gory grabs at other peoples humanity and right ¨to be¨ alive . HERE

BEWARE: There are few places left to hide from the dangerous lies...the lies of your own fabricating and celebrating...you are the self-destructive and self-deceiving and it is you that need reach out and confess your sins against your fellow women and men whom you have wronged... HERE

Lord, have mercy and spare me/us from the age old wickedness of ignorance, greed and bigotry at The Anglican Communion/beyond.

Equal Among Equals
Thanks to Anglican Hero Lionel Deimel, Tyrant Photo
Thanks to Anglican Hero Father Jake, Archive References
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fs said...

Great post, Leonardo. Reads like a rap song or a beat poetry rant (saw the movie Howl a few days ago & think you'd probably like it). Nice use of Fr. Jake's as reference, too. I hope this post gets picked up and repeated. Love the title "Purple-Shirted People Eaters!"

Leonardo Ricardo said...

LOL, thanks fs, yes, it flew out of my mouth and I was concerned about acknowledging Fr. Jake at the Bottom because I got a little obnoxious...he´s nicer than me and often doesn´t like it when I kick up so much dust...I´ll watch for Howl, even though we are just now getting the Sound of Music out in the campo (not really but it´s slow around here).

Have a wonderful week and thanks for the support.


Boaz said...

I think you've described these people-eaters brilliantly. Especially their smile. You have a gift with words Ricardo.