Oct 10, 2010

ARCHBISHOP WABUKALA/KENYA: David Kuria, LGBTI Leader, ¨hopes by running for the Senate to inspire other ´marginalized´ to reach out for their potential..¨

David Kuria, the director of GALCK, the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, is standing for the Kenyan Senate.

 ¨...all my life has been about service and in the past have done so in different capacities, including working in poverty alleviation programs. In politics today we have a few persons who are genuinely committed to public service, but on the whole a majority are just interested in either acquisition of wealth or for the most part protecting their wealth through government machinery. I hope to increase that small number genuinely engaged with solving the people's problems - which are many as you have read from my website HERE

Working toward the inclusion of  ALL the marginalized and excluded in Kenyan Society
¨...as a person who has known marginalization and exclusion all my life, I am hoping to use my experiences while in the position of public service to reach out and represent for the interests of those who are marginalized and excluded - some of them are people with mental and physical disabilities...¨
¨some of the marginalized are people with mental and physical disabilities...¨
¨I am reliably told also that our pschiatric hospitals can treat most of the people we ignore in the market places. Since this is a manageable condition I hope to focus on it immediately for people to see what change can come about to people's lives once we drop our shaded glasses of discrimination and stigma. Poverty among the youth is also endemic, yet most people in government because they are rich think of the youth as being lazy and irresponsible, especially when they engage in illicit alcohol, a problem that is endemic in the region I seek to represent. Yet I understand what they go through and will give it a public and national voice...

¨...I hope by running for this position I shall inspire all people to aspire to reach out to their dreams and potential irrespective of what their personal circumstances are. I hope for those who are LGBTI, who have different forms of disabilities, those whose low esteem continually voices a discouragment voice in their minds, who have been excluded because they are poor or come from a small and marginalized tribe. They can aspire to do that which everyone else thinks is impossible for them because of their personal conditions. Indeed I have characterised this candidature as a collective one for all who have been excluded and discriminated from the mainstream - and if you look critically, it is really everybody at one time or another...¨

Excluding/anti-LGBTI Anglican Archbishop Wabukala of Kenya
Attention: Anglican Archbishop Wabukala of KENYA-- Christians ¨losing trust¨ in religious leaders and politicians in Kenya results show three in every 10 Catholics claim not to trust church leaders at all, with the figure being higher among Protestants, at 40 per cent. HERE

¨...I cannot think of a bigger social stigma issue and one that automatically qualifies one for social exclusion in Kenya than being a member of the LGBTI community, and if I can do it so can everybody else HERE

Nairobi — Anglican Church leaders, just like politicians, have lost the trust of Kenyans, a new survey has said.
·Anglican bishops led by Archbishop Eliud Wabukala (seated,2nd left) announced their ‘No’ campaign on the proposed law at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Thursday.
·According to the Synovate post-referendum poll, only 19 per cent of those interviewed said they fully trusted Church leaders, compared to 17 per cent who said they fully trusted politicians.
·And it gets worse -- 38 per cent said they don't trust Church leaders at all, a bigger number than the 22 per cent who said they don't trust politicians at all. HERE

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Doorman-Priest said...

A good and brave man!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear DP,

I can only imagine the kind of courage it takes to face the mobs and the potential deadly violence that exists in Kenya...the country is changing quickly and the everyday folk are being enlightened and all signs are positive since the new Consittution yet The Anglican Archbishop remains a pain in the butt and demeans instead of builds...the real evil is instigated by religious leaders...sad story.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yes, it's a sad, sad story. But God will prevail!