Oct 2, 2010

GAY PRIMATES AND BISHOPS: ¨I refused to tell them because I do not believe it is right to violate people’s privacy and ‘out’ anyone who prefers to remain in the closet¨

¨People are intimidated by those who I might sometimes want to describe as prejudiced, loud mouthed bigots but whose self-image is as defenders of orthodoxy and tradition. They intimidate the ability of the Archbishop of Canterbury to speak and act freely and they intimidate me – but I have far less to lose.¨

¨....invisibility is connected not only to the culture of institutionalised prejudice in the Anglican Communion but to deeply corrosive and corrupting culture of institutionalised secrecy and fear in the Church of England.¨
¨NO PREJUDICE which demeans or diminishes another human being created by God is tolerable in my reading of the New Testament and the teaching of Jesus Christ. The first and greatest commandment is to love God, neighbour and self...¨

My goodness, doesn’t Christianity have a lot to learn about prejudice, abuse and intolerance?

¨Until the culture of fear and secrecy in the Church of England changes, the bigotry is challenged and our Church becomes a place which is free from prejudice against LGBT people, the Episcopal Church will remain the only place where LGBT people can come out and be elected as bishops.¨

¨I’m tempted to start a new campaign. The culture of secrecy, intimidation and abuse in the Church of England has got to be challenged, undermined and changedread it all, by Colin Coward+ HERE

PURITY CULTS: Selfproclaimed ¨Godliness¨ and ¨Sexual Purity¨ at The Anglican Communion and beyond.  ¨Perfectly Good Spirit¨ Archbishop Tutu


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