Oct 9, 2010

CHICKENS AT THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION: The Archbishop of the Indian Ocean, the Most Revd Ian Ernest, Struts HIS Stuff!

Ian Ernest, Archbishop of The Indian Ocean perfects Chicken Sh*t Idiosyncrasies
There's much to learn about pecking order. You will need to know how to prevent diseases, eradicate parasites, and deal with chicken sh*t idiosyncrasies like egg eating and cannibalism. But, with advice from IAN ERNEST to get you started and time to learn, raising roosters and hens at The Anglican Communion can become a rewarding experience as it becomes more easy to recognize a bad egg.

Various arrangements are possible for a well protected poultry yard, brooding box and nest. The basic requirement is a good fence to keep predators--sometimes including privileged Lambeth Palace pets--from getting in.  One must always be wary of young and old foxes in the Hen House!.

A Primate Brooding away from the flock!
Wild chickens are forest animals. They live in small groups in The Global South called flocks. They scratch in the dirt and forage in the West.

Inside the Coop/Scoop
While the hen is seperated to sit on the nest to nurture the lay/laity a group of roosters may wander away through the rotting undergrowth seeking anything that may come their way and often stray

The hen's cackle serves to renew the contact with the group as if to yell "where are you?".
The cock  answers "here we are"  in Dublin ¨where are you?¨ 
Global South Cocks demand perches that are adequately spaced and arranged so that they can preen comfortably and do their same-ol´ Cock-a-doodle-doo and trumpet imagined gory/glory in all that they do!

Roosters can´t be house broken but hens never poop in the nest.

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