Oct 6, 2010

Meet American Mike Vanderboegh and His British Counterparts: Republican Hypocrite

We all know them. I know a Mike Vanderboegh!  I know twelve Mikelike Vanderboegh´s.

We all MUST know that since people like Mike are such outspoken moral people that it is highly suggested/best to overlook the truth about their real personal character and how they may abuse others as they demonize the marginalized.  Sometime the Mike´s get mad if they are ¨called¨ on their real life behavior. However they are often, secretly, never to their faces, called hypocrites and blowhards as they sometimes deny their very own REALITY with words of virtue and right vs. wrong aimed at others.

I know one very well. My Mike, who isn´t named Mike, considers himself to be a wholesome model of heterosexual sexuality and a pillar of fundamentalist Christian righteousness. Unfortunately he seems nothing more than another selfish/childish and fear driven bigot with way too much time on his hands to me. This guy, whom I´ve known most of my life, constantly pontificates about the decaying morality in the United States of America and other bleak degenerative ¨social issues¨ that disturb some idealized cultural plot (that doesn´t actually include what he is or what he has done) of his own fabricating, brain air-brushing and fantasy enhancing.

He´s especially obsessed with welfare dishonesty and homosexual equality.

The ¨issues¨ he has with  ¨lazy people¨ are with those whom he considers social losers who ¨live off the system¨ or attempt to destroy ¨family moral values¨...you know what losers he despises? Losers who take advantage of the welfare/other programs like food stamps (thank goodness his wife worked hard their entire life together and has kept food on the table). This tiresome dude of my acquaintance detests people who need ¨big government¨ financial help (who are somehow unlike his very own daughter who needed welfare on more than one occassion due to multiple divorces with dead heads and/or his grown strapping/handsome/heterosexual son who is ¨unable¨ to work thanks to ongoing emotional difficulties induced when he was a child by his fanatic fundamentalist religious parents).

He, my non-Mike, dislikes losers who may have REAL medical problems and may need society to feed/help them and provide possible medical solutions when they have NONE!  A hex on President Obama and Obama´s Health Care plan because no-Mike-Mike is ¨covered¨ already/already!

This guy has a great built-in ¨forgetter¨ and has forgotten that losers, like him, who ¨retired¨ on Social Security disability in the prime of their middle lives with permanent monthly checks, MAY BE THE PROBLEM!

I ask you, you decide...is this not-so-realistic, not-so-gentlemanlike fella, who enjoys daily sports, gives the occassional sermon at Church and is busy with plenty of unincumbered social activity, a worthy recipient of lifetime monthy checks billed to our society? This guy, my-not-exactly-Mike, has for decades had NO VISIABLE HEALTH limitations except for his chronic song-and-dance complaining/whining about some long forgotten, by everyone else, ¨back pain¨ ...it is HE that ought have been arrested years ago for fraud, for contaminating and bleeding the welfare system and for causing gross economic problems in our society. It is he that helped cause the terrible national debt and abuses the good-name of welfare and needy recipients while snearing at LGBT fellow citizens amongst us too.  I bet you could have guessed that part!  Verdad?

On social issues, this not-so-know-it-all-lazy-self-righteous/sociopath-hypochondriac also disapproves of the FULL EQUALITY for productive LGBT workers/taxpayers and other ¨sinning¨ members of society who have actually supported his financial ¨well being/non-stop vacation¨ for decades.   No equality, no Gay Marriage, no Gay tolerance, no nada!

Meanwhile, my Mike-not-Mike, is a outspoken critic of liberals along with his current pals/cronies, the Tea Party bigots, Presidential ¨accusers¨ and righteous exploiters and thieves, are part of some pie-in-the-sky idealist notion of a nation based on their very own, and exclusive historically White-Northern Europeon, TRUE morality that they think they know about...you know, morality based on greed, pretend, denial, bigotry, exclusion, selfstyled holiness, and outright lies.

Let´s pay attention to those who profess virtues they do not respect (or possess) as they are dangerous to OUR National and Individual good health...and personal budgets too.

No to hypocrisy! No power to the Mikes (whatever their names may really be)!

It´s important not just to ¨talk the talk¨ but also ¨walk the walk¨
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