Mar 22, 2010

RACIAL and ANTI-GAY slurs=mass HYSTERIA: ¨If they want to smear someone, they can do it” Assistant Republican Whip, Devin Nunes,¨ on CSPAN

For years I´ve been pontificating, posting and commenting about the dangerous instigating of hate/hate-crimes against People of Color, Women and our Gay brothers and Sisters done by self-imagined ¨notable citizens¨ and loud mouthed ignoramouses. Initiating hate is not only done in ¨back alleys¨ anymore! Increasingly/more often fear and hate are perpetrated at the pulpit at Church! Bankrupt, yet fundraising and always scheming, unfit Spiritual Leaders and Corrupt/Overblown ego-driven Public Officials harm others. They hurt others with their menacing and demoralizing mudslinging speech and innermost terror and desperation of not getting what they think the MUST HAVE. Hate that incites unstable cowboys/girls, bigots, misfits and lost Souls armed with weapons.

The name-calling and filth that vicious bullies, abusers (of all stripes) and greedy thugs who once whispered and gaffawed about Afro-American, Mexican-Americas (includes all Latinos), Asian-Americans and LBGT-American citizens is NOW SPEWING OUT OF CONTROL IN PUBLIC! The ¨haters¨ have given themselves, with not-so-holy encouragement, permission to run their mouths off while quoting SELECTIVE Scriptural twisted, and rearranged, sexual fantasies attempting to cover their fear and hate! This isn´t Democracy in action nor Christianity, it´s the demonizing of other HUMAN BEINGS for self-gratification, emotional instability, despising the ¨marginalized¨ and/or stark shabby efforts for personal gain and crack-pot reassurance! It´s part of a exploitive pattern of diverting attention/scapegoating everyday REALITY in SOCIETY in order to fuel fear, hate, selfishness and promote GREED as being ¨normal¨ (it isn´t normal, it´s INSANE)...ALL this clammour is orchestrated by the emotionally and spiritually unfit who insist and demand they MUST be RIGHT and they are willing to mud wrestle to prove it!

NOTE/BEWARE: The thieves and cowards are on the RUN and are FREAKING OUT all around us and on the ¨unfair and unbalenced¨ Faux TV too! Be careful as these folks are running amuck and their ¨stray bullet points¨ may hit a innocent target near you!

¨After being subjected to anti-gay slurs, Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank has called a weekend Tea Party protest “mass hysteria.”

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusets

¨Both on Saturday and Sunday, Frank, who is openly gay, was taunted by protesters¨

¨During one incident, reported by Talking Points Memo, a protester yelled “Barney, you faggot” as the 69-year-old lawmaker rounded a corner to leave the Longworth House Office Building. A surrounding crowd erupted in laughter.

Frank also confirmed reports that other protesters shouted “homo communist” at him and another told him to “go homo to Massachusetts. “I'm disappointed at an unwillingness to be just civil,” HERE

¨Other sources reported that African-American Democratic lawmakers were also insulted.¨

United States Congressman and Civil Rights Pioneer John Lewis, Georgia

¨Representatives Andre Carson from Indiana and John Lewis from Georgia told The Hill that they were subjected to racial epithets from protesters as they walked outside the Capitol.¨

United States Congressman, Andre Carson, Indiana

“I've heard this before in the 60's,” Lewis, considered a leader of the civil rights movement, said. “A lot of this is just downright hate.”

¨While several Republican leaders, including party boss Michael Steele, denounced the racial and anti-gay slurs, others justified the protester's actions.¨

Republican Congressman Devin Nunes and Elizabeth Nunes, of San Joaquin Valley, California (During the ¨Bush Years¨)

Rep. Devin Nunes is a Congressman from the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley of California. He is currently serving in his fourth term in the House of Representatives and is a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax policy, Social Security, Medicare, and trade. He also is a member of the House Budget Committee. Assistant Republican Minority Whip

“When you use totalitarian tactics, people, you know, begin to act crazy,” Representative Devin Nunes, a California Republican, said on CSPAN. “I think that people have every right to say what they want. If they want to smear someone, they can do it.” Republican Congressman Devin Nunes

Republican Downplays Tea Party “Fa**ot" Slur

Republican Congressman Steven King, Iowa

¨Rep. Steve King of Iowa sought to downplay Tea Partyers’ use of antigay and racial slurs against lawmakers Saturday, saying that he does not think the comments, which included calling Congressman Barney Frank a “fa**ot," are a big deal.

Protesters against health care reform heckled and spat at lawmakers outside the Capitol on Saturday, directing racist and antigay slurs toward lawmakers including Frank and Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, an African-American and leader of the civil rights movement.¨ HERE

Republican Randy Neugebauer Statement on "Baby Killer"

Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer, Texas

¨I have apologized to Mr. Stupak and also apologize to my colleagues for the manner in which I expressed my disappointment about the bill. The House Chamber is a place of decorum and respect. The timing and tone of my comment last night was inappropriate." HERE

¨The House Chamber is a place of decorum and respect¨ Right, tell that to your Republican accomplice who yelled out ¨LIAR¨ at the President during his State of The Union address!

Unfortunately many of these Republican enthusiasts threaten OUR COLLECTIVE NATIONAL EMOTIONAL GOOD HEALTH!

UPDATE: ¨Right-wing extremists are threatening Democrats who voted for health care reform with violence. This, after Congressman John Lewis was called a "nigger" and Barney Frank was called a "faggot." This, after Congressman Randy Neugebauer called Bart Stupak a "baby killer" and, essentially, refused to take it back. The Republican Party has to be very careful about where it's headed.¨
Read more: HERE

UPDATE FRIDAY 3/26/2010: Rep. Nunes calls Hill aides ‘staff thugs,’ compares Pelosi to Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe

Submitted by NewsSystem on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 15:45 Think Progress

¨Some of the most inflammatory rhetoric in recent days surrounding the health care debate has come from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who excused the racist, homophobic slurs at the recent Capitol Hill Tea Party by saying that they were a justifiable response to Democrats’ “totalitarian tactics.” He has also said Democratic congressmen from California are “part of this totalitarian regime in Washington” whose “votes are for sale.” McClatchy reports that he is now comparing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to infamous international dictators: Nunes said Pelosi and her lieutenant, Rep. George ...¨ HERE

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motheramelia said...

Leo, the news did a good job of reporting the slurs and spitting upon. I hope the majority who saw it were as horrified as I was. I know bigotry isn't gone, but it still hurts a lot when it erupts. David Nunes is from the same area that the Diocese of San Juaquin inhabits.

Ciss B said...

I too am appalled at the lack of civility. I am so disappointed in the men who are representing us in the congress these days.