Mar 27, 2010

Pastor Ssempa/UGANDA categorically DENOUNCED by Philadelphia Biblical University: ¨A Response¨ to alumnus Martin Ssempa!

Pastor Martin Ssempa, the ¨Porno Preacher¨ Kampala, Uganda

Response to Ugandas Pastor Martin Ssempa by his Alma Mater.

¨Recently, Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa made statements concerning public policy regarding homosexuals in that nation. Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU) categorically condemns any position that calls for violence against human beings created in the image and likeness of God, or violent solutions to socially controversial issues. While PBU holds to a biblically defined position regarding human sexuality, to call for such action clearly violates the teaching of the Bible, and the principles and practices taught at PBU. Ssempa did earn a graduate degree from PBU in 1994. Ssempa also received an honorary degree from PBU in 2006 for his ministry of compassion to HIV/AIDS victims in his native land. The University was not aware at that time of Ssempa’s recently expressed views. His present publicly stated position in no way represents or reflects the views of the University, its administration, or its faculty. It is our sincere hope that Christians would hold their convictions regarding homosexuality with a spirit of grace and compassion toward all human beings.¨ HERE

-From the University Administration

-From Eruptions At The Foot Of The Volcano archive:

GAY IN AFRICA:¨From pulpits, that seem holy, despite the words of hate and venom pouring out of the mouths of the preachers.. HERE

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