Mar 11, 2010

MAGGIE MONOMANI GALLAGHER: ¨Emotionally healthy people don’t have an obsessive preoccupation with the sex lives of others¨



¨Just because she serves as president for the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy does not mean that she is qualified to theorize on or make healthy public policy decisions on the topic of marriage. One may become head of the military of the United States by simply becoming president of the country without ever completing a competent stay of service. As a nation, we all have experienced the fallout from the bad decisions and incompetence that have come out of those situations. Had she completed an education in marriage and family studies or clinical psychology, she may have enriched herself with a more complete understanding of the emotions, lives and loves of all fellow human beings.

The intensity and voracity of venom that she spews towards same-sex couples I have seen before in my private practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. It’s called projection. It happens when we disapprove so strongly of our own behavior, say: premarital sex, illegitimate children, or marrying outside the faith, that we point our fingers at others in judgement and distain to distract others away from our own behavior.

Projection is a very insidious thing. We don’t even know that we are doing it when we do it. By its very nature, it is designed to create a wall of denial for ourselves distancing us from acknowledging the very behaviors within ourselves that we so vehemently abhor in others. By attacking it in others, we can buy ourselves some relief from the internal conflict that has us in its grip. The relief is only temporary however. Unless we come to terms with it, we will continue to demonize others in a desperate bid to gain some relief HERE


¨Open Letter to Maggie Gallagher¨

By Fred Karger, Huffington Post

¨...Hooray for the Washington, DC City Council and Mayor Fenty for allowing all its residents full equality under the law just like our founding fathers intended.

I cried with joy for all the young LGBTQ Americans who can clearly see that they are not inferior, but equal. I am thrilled that kids growing up now know that they can marry the person that they love in five enlightened states, and in our nation's capitol.

Hooray for our courageous leaders who stood up to bigotry and discrimination and did the right thing. They stood up to you and your army of paid henchmen who fight marriage equality tooth and nail every step of the way.

I don't have words to express my disgust toward you and all those you are fronting for at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). You have spent at least $25 million in just the past few years to try and undo the happiness of so many people...

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motheramelia said...

makes a lot of sense to me. Projection is quite insidious.

Ciss B said...

I agree with your observations on projection. I should also add that the kinds of venom we see from people like Maggie Gallagher often comes from a very basic fear. Sadly, I think that if a fear is not explored and dealt with can turn into a rather nasty passion, too.

Good article.