Mar 17, 2010

From the U.S.A. to Uganda/Central Africa with Christian LOVE: ¨We need to fight the unnatural gay vice¨

Homophobia is Informed by Ignorance

¨That has been like a light bulb jumping on in my head.

I was working on the previous post, and my conclusion that the Catholic church in Uganda was caught between its ignorance of things homosexual, [even relative to the official Catholic doctrine], and the belief that informing their minds to the contrary would be ‘promoting homosexuality’.

But, that is surely true for a lot of what has been happening. Those who shout most about gays, [excluding Ssempa], are actually supremely ignorant of what they are talking about. Of course they have amazed the world with regards to their ignorance. But, more than that, they have entrenched their ignorance by the contention that any information to the contrary would be ‘promoting homosexuality’.

So, of course the Archbishop of York, and Canterbury, were derisively dismissed for ‘promoting homosexuality’. And, so was Rick Warren. No voice of reason fails to excite that remarkable charge.

To highlight the pits of ignorance, just check out this article from one of the MPs of Uganda. Obua Denis Hamson.
No, he is not the Benson Obua-Ogwal, the co-sponsor of the Anti-Homosexuality bill. The friend who calls me a gay pervert. Simply because I am gay.

The title is all informative. ¨We need to fight the unnatural gay vice¨


MP of Uganda, Obua Denis Hamson
Mobile Telephone: 0772-834388
Landline: 0414377123
Date of birth: 06/02/1980
Email address:

¨In Uganda, and the world over, there have been many contentious deliberations on the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently under scrutiny in the Parliament of Uganda.¨

¨In Genesis 19:4-11 the Bible clearly outlaws any carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature. In these verses, men who had sex with other men were made blind by God. Also, Genesis 2:24 says that a man will leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and in that way, two people become one.

From the above biblical analysis, it is a fact beyond any reasonable doubt that naturally, a man goes with a woman, a bull goes with a cow, a cock goes with a hen, and that is the order of nature...¨

· ¨To fellow Africans, the choices, actions and agreements made now will determine which future becomes a reality for the younger generation. It is our role to speak on moral and unnatural issues affecting our continent.¨

· ¨I applaud the authorities in Malawi for arresting two men recently on charges of public indecency after becoming the first gay couple to marry in a country where homosexuality is illegal. I am reliably informed that the court in Malawi has further denied the two bail for their own protection.¨

· ¨It will also be recalled that Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, said his country is made up of believers and that such sinful and immoral practices as homosexuality will not be tolerated.¨

· ¨President Jammeh vowed to “cut off the head” of any homosexual found in his country and said that a legislation will be introduced, which will be “stiffer than those in Iran”, concerning such acts.¨

Read it all, By Obua Denis Hamson, Member of the Parliament of Uganda - Youth Northern Region HERE

Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, the gay couple jailed since January in Malawi for daring to hold an engagement ceremony, will learn their fate on Monday.

The AP reports that religious leaders met this week to discuss homosexuality ahead of the verdict:

"Church leaders say they have met in this fiercely conservative southern African nation to 'understand the phenomenon' of same sex partners days ahead of a court verdict that could send two gay men to jail for up to 14 years. Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, head of the Malawi Council of Churches, says the leaders gathered Wednesday in the southern town of Mangochi to discuss homosexuality as an issue 'most Malawians do not understand.'

Amnesty International has adopted Monjeza and Chimbalanga as "prisoners of conscience" ahead of the verdict: "LGBT human rights group, OutRage!. The group's campaign coordinator, Tatchell, has written to the Director of Amnesty International UK, Kate Allen. The group coordinator Peter Tatchell letter to Ms Allen reads in part: 'We urge Amnesty International to adopt Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga as Prisoners of Conscience...Everyone is very appreciative of the statement that Amnesty has already issued, which deplores the men's arrest and calls for their release. We are now hoping that Amnesty will go one step further and recognise them as Prisoners of Conscience.' HERE

You can join in Amnesty's campaign to the Malawi government Malawian men on trial for 'unnatural offences' HERE

You can also send letters of support directly to the couple. HERE

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