Mar 20, 2010

GREAT NEWS OF MARY GLASSPOOL FROM THE DIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES and feelings of shame with the disturbing response of Archbishop Rowan Williams.

PRIDE and SHAME at The Anglican Communion

Standing Together: Bishops-elect Diane Jardine Bruce (far back)and Mary Douglas Glasspool (back center) are joined by Bishop J. Jon Bruno (second from right), Bishop Suffragan Chester Talton (right) and Bishop Assistant Sergio Carranza (left) Consecrations scheduled for May!

¨...This week we saw yet another momentous day for GLBT Episcopalians—one that will surely continue to rock the boat—in the consent to the election of Mary Glasspool . Again, it happens legally under the cannons of the Episcopal Church that were strengthened by the legislation in Anaheim last year. Again, it has caused the head patriarch of the family to eye us with suspicion. And Again I am proud—but this time I have a huge amount of Shame¨

Archbishop Rowan Williams, ¨shameful response¨

¨The shame has nothing to do with the great news of LA, but with the disturbing response of Archbishop Rowan Williams. I do not presume to understand what it is like to be a titular head of a denomination so vastly spread across the world, socio-economic strata, and political and theological spectrums. What I do not hear is the same response at words of hatred against us his GLBT members, or the continued efforts of foreign provinces to usurp property in the Episcopal Church. Most deeply ashamed am I of his restrained responses towards the near holocaust-level hatred that is fueling the “Kill Gays Bill” in Uganda¨.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a welcome sign of ¨Spirit moving in the Church¨

¨One of the signs of the Spirit moving in the Church is that this consent comes on the heels of statements of inclusion and support from a Patriarch so wise that non-believes will turn to listen to him, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is like that wise old family member that knows that the love of the God and the true bonds of affection that bind a family together are stronger than sexuality or morality. He understands that it is crucial to our faith to accept GLBT Christians into the fold and to celebrate with Easter joy when one like Mary Glasspool is called to be a Bishop among us. He warns us of the demoralizing and demonic destruction that awaits those who shun the outcast, hate those who differ, and seek legislation to exterminate that which we do not want to understand.

I only wish Archbishop Williams would listen to Archbishop Tutu and realize that we too are God’s loved children, that we too are called by the Spirit to serve and lead the Church, and that we deserve to solemnize our love in the Church’s sacraments. Williams, it seems, does not see this, Uganda does not want to see this…and that should make us all ashamed and outraged.
Tutu sees this—Los Angeles sees this—and those that consented to Mary Glasspool’s election see this, and that should make us all proud and filled with an Easter joy.¨ HERE

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Brian R said...

And I experienced great joy today as I, for the first time, received communion from the hands of an openly gay partnered priest here in Dunedin.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, lets stop a minute and celebrate the spirit moving through the church. The Episcopal church does indeed believe in inclusion. The Holy Spirit is doing her usual good job.

Then, we need to put our shoulders to the wheel again, for there is still much to do.