Mar 10, 2010

JOURNALING/BLOGGING MAY BE HEALING: ¨we have feelings that affect our inner wholeness and wellness¨

¨Journal writing may often bring up forgotten feelings, memories, and unresolved issues. Rather than be frightened, use these for reclaiming and working for your inner wellness. Sometimes deep feelings and emotions may rise to the surface and surprise us with their intensity.

When we are in distress, sickness, adversity, betrayal, abandonment, brokenness, guilt, or experiencing slander, false accusation, persecution,
and oppression, we have feelings that affect our inner wholeness and wellness. The silence, stillness, and rest a journal provides may be healing for some seekers.

Life is full of emotional and physical suffering. Many prayer books in different traditions are wet with tears as people struggle with mistakes, disappointments, heartaches, and feelings of revenge, injustice, and complaint.

Be honest with yourself in your journal about your feelings. Pour your emotions out on paper. Do not let them cause bitterness or unresolved pain. Journal writing can be enormously healing. Perhaps a counselor or therapist would be helpful
in resolving painful memories. Seek your wholeness with all your heart. God will honor your journey.

God, hear my cry today and honor my feelings.¨

Grace and peace,
Chi Rho Press

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Anonymous said...

Leonardo have you seen this?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Anonymous, I hadn´t seen, powerful, provable and REAL LIFE witness that seperates TRUTH from knee-jerk dark fantasy.

(p.s. I wish I´d been the one throwing the pie at Anita B...instead I was busy, at that time, drinking myself to death because I thought she might be right!!!)

motheramelia said...

Journaling is healing. Years ago I was pretty good at doing it, especially when I was going through difficult times. I wrote about my dreams and what I thought they meant and I wrote about the pain and anguish in my life. These kinds of journals are not like blogs, at least for me. They were between me and God, not me and the world.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


I also journaled through some very difficult times for a few years...I had a tendency to want to write ¨acceptable¨ material and I had a small decipline of not rereading (because I wanted to be more refinded and nicer than I really was feeling) until at least a week, then I´d see that I was authentic in so many ways that journaling offered more than I ever thought it might...after a long period of covering various ¨incidents¨ in my life (including the grief felt for a murdered loved one that I thought would never end) I would share my journal (by me reading out loud from them selectively) with a ¨trusted¨ acquaintance (usually my shrink)...later I burned the journals in sort of a one-man ceremony that sent those words to Gods infinity.

When I pray I sometimes pray outloud in the car while driving...I started doing that years ago when I discovered that I prayed to God in such a weird way...I would actually hear myself trying to make deals with God, or impress God with my goodness, and/or whine...really startling what I was capable of without knowing I was such a not-so-crafty codependent living in my own skin.

Blogging is another form of opening up for me. Often I simply share other peoples discoveries that I find especially helpful or dangerously REAL...sometimes I simply enjoy the glee of happy situations (like Canon Mary Glasspool receiving the Standing Committee approvals)...there is a great deal of conectedness between many of us online...I think God is very present in this group sharing and learning...self and other.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Additionally, I live in a very isolated place in Central America...blogging allows me to have fellowship with people from all over the world...when I read the ¨Location¨ of my visitors and see what on my blog interests them I´m continously more enlightened about YOU and the world around my case it´s not like I have a large group of Episcopalians/Anglicans to worship and fellowship with...I feel that connection online even when I´m not especially well know to other bloggers...I feel ¨part of¨ the issues, actions and blessings of OUR day(s).