Mar 30, 2010



You know EXACTLY ¨what you do¨ and ¨what you continue to do¨ without looking back as you demonize, persecute and become accessories to SLANDER, RAPE and MURDER at the Anglican Communion and beyond! IT´S about YOU and there is no place to hide as you spew selective Scriptural filth and intiate crimes of hate from the pulpit directed against LGBT Christians and others! REPENT!

Phoebe Price, Bullied to DEATH!

¨As a group of teens in Massachusetts face landmark charges for harassing 15-year-old Phoebe Prince so brutally she committed suicide, Lucinda Franks speaks to teen bullies and a pioneering teacher about why kids torment peers.¨

¨The indictment of the students yesterday who bullied a South Hadley, Massachusetts, girl into committing suicide is an almost unprecedented move by prosecutors against a phenomenon that has overpowered the nation’s schools. The South Hadley district attorney, Elizabeth Scheibel, not only charged nine girls and boys between the ages of 16 and 18 with crimes ranging from assault with a dangerous weapon to statutory rape, she implicated the South Hadley school staff, who simply watched as Phoebe Prince, a beautiful 15-year-old who emigrated with her family from Ireland, was brutally harassed for some six months.

In this recent rash of teen suicides, this was the first time bullies, who had mercilessly tortured their marks, have been brought into the adult world to be indicted. The only exception has been beatings that left the victim in critical condition, such as the recent atrocities that took place in South Florida: Fifteen-year-old Wayne Treacy was indicted for attempted murder after he beat 15-year-old Josie Lou Ratley into a coma over a dispute carried on over escalating text messages. Ironically, the message that set the boy off referred to his brother, who had committed suicide.¨ HERE

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motheramelia said...

That was a really well-written article in the Daily Beast. I feel so sorry for the bullied victims and for the families of those who commit suicide because of it. LGBT people bear a particular burden and as a society we really need to do more to stop all bullying.

The church especially needs to be a safe haven and it God must be weeping when churches promote bullying and exclusion of some of God's people.

Thank God for the South Hadley district attorney. There need to be more Scheibels.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Mother Amelia...that´s exactly what crossed my mind (after it snapped in sorrow, again)...there HAS GOT TO BE a SAFE place at Church to help the victims and to set of STANDARD to decency in the Community (I like to think that place is at most Episcopal Church Parishes)´s a worldwide problem and many will never know the reasons for tragedy after tragedy of selfloathing that results in alcoholism, drugs and death (self-inflicted or self-destroying)...that is the worldwide mission as I see it...promoting the healing and good spiritual health of REAL PEOPLE (instead of self-fantasized puritans snipers instigating rumors, outcasting, and prostelizing fear and hate)...putting a mitre on bigotry isn´t acceptable in the REAL WORLD and magnifying superstions and lies won´t cut it...see, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ft. Worth and San Joaquin for examples of what NOT to do to promote Love and SANITY!

Tim said...

Leonardo, both you and Mother Amelia tap into the church's current lack of stewardship in the society at large. From the tiniest of storefront churches to the grandest cathedrals, their leaders have deluded themselves into thinking "keeping the doors open" is all they need to do. Almost like hot dog vendors, waiting for the customers to show up, they've huddled inside their sanctuaries without heeding Christ's message in Luke 14.23: "Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full."

Sadly, this has been dismissed as an "evangelical" mandate--misunderstood as "convert recruitment." But the message isn't about increased numbers. It's about rescuing people in trouble, giving them shelter... sanctuary.

That this young lady felt she had nowhere to turn is a scathing indictment of every church around her. Surely if all the pastors and congregations were doing as Christ commanded and serving the least among them (instead of playing host to whoever wanders in), someone would have found this struggling soul.

And now we must cope with the fact we only know about her because of the legal implications of her suicide. What about countless others who go her way, only without notice? We have failed them all.


PS: Holding you in prayer as your surgery approaches...