Mar 26, 2010

Nigerian Archbishop Nicholas Okoh: Homosexuality is ¨intended to destroy the established standard of morality¨

New Primate of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has restated the position of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria against the practice of gay marriage in the church

Okoh, who is also the chairman of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission, while delivering the sermon of the day, said, “We do not approve of a homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriages. Some want us to see it as a normal alternative lifestyle to marriage between male and female. We are saying we are sorry, we cannot accept this in the church.¨

The Rt. Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool, Church of England, Anglican Communion HERO: English evangelical bishop calls for tolerance HERE

A leading voice in the evangelical wing of the Church of England, Bishop James Jones, speaking to his diocesan synod in Liverpool today says ¨the battle of sexuality in the Church needs to end.¨ +Jones

“My people, the danger in this kind of teaching...¨ +Nicholas Okoh

“The recent statement by the bishop of Liverpool is also not acceptable to us. He said since in the past the church had to live side by side with those who say war is okay and those who say war is alright, they are living together in one church.¨

“If you say homosexuality is okay, you go on, and if you say homosexuality is not okay, we all should go on like that.

“My people, the danger in this kind of teaching is that it establishes two authorities in the church - the scriptures on one hand and the canon of deviant sub-culture. It is intended to destroy the established standard of morality as it is written in the Bible. HERE

by Kayode Oladele, Nigeria

¨The first reason why I write is that I want to challenge ignorance. There is a lot of ignorance around us; even among those we think or believe they know. Too often, we concede too much to people, believing that they know, only for us to discover, when it is too late that they do not know. The most dangerous form of ignorance in Nigeria today comes from our leadership, many of those who govern us do not know, they do not care to know and they do not want to know. Even when they are told that they do not know, they get angry, instead of looking up to their inadequacy and how to rectify them, they turn the heat on those who told them so.¨ HERE

UPDATED: ¨So instead of focusing his moral leadership on, say, inter-religious violence and the need for Christians and Muslims to find a way to live together peaceably for the good of Nigeria, Okah talks about homosexuality

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Lionel Deimel, Anglican HERO, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨


Bankole Babalola said...

I am afraid that Kayode Oladele is writing out of context. The Primate Nicholas Okoh spoke in his capacity as the head of the Anglican communion in Nigeria in response to the moral decadence the church the church haas fallen into and this should not be mixed with the crises of faith propagated by an ignorant portion of the northern muslims about western education. This the primate addressed in other fora. If Oladele was an anglican then he would be as concerned to stand up for the truth as contained in the word of God. The crises in the north is nothing compared to the onsalught of the Devil on what is clearly God's standard of what a family should be - Father (man), Mother (woman) and children. Anything otherwise is of the Devil. Simple.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

AH the ¨devil¨ expert from vertically corrupt Nigeria--best to clean up the rampant corruption, child witchburning, civil war and thievery at all levels of society (including Church) it sooo easy to identify the Devil amongst LGBTI citizens...only a simpleton would attempt to do so in the face of the National vileness of Nigeria that apparently doesn´t even know simple right vs wrong. Peddle your bigotry elsewhere.