Aug 8, 2022

THE OTHERSIDE OF THE VOLCANO, Silent Chirping, Chapter #33

EXCUSES, excuses, excuses.  Just when I thought I would be spared from Covid Virus  I got zapped.  It was nothing serious but  one morning I had a sore throat, runny nose and I thought it best to go to the 24 hour clinic in Antigua.  When I arrived the receptionist told me I needed the Covid test (which was set up in a tiny make-shift room in the parking lot).  I received the test and was quickly escorted to the patio area to wait for results.  Forty-five minutes later the same receptionist announced I tested positive (I was surprised and speechless) and told to go home, drink lots of water and in five days the symtoms would leave and in ten days I would no longer be contagious.  O.K., I can do that but it seemed like I should have a medical specialist tell me and not the receptionist....I was grumpy but went home to bed.  

TRIPLE OY VEY - My voice was becoming SPEECHLESS too!  I felt better but my voice sounded like I was about two decades older than my current 78+ years.  My throat was unsore but crackling in the breeze so I made an appointment with a highly recommended throat doctor in Guatemala City.  He seems to know his stuff and I was thoroughly examined and give prescriptions which I now am into day four....the results seem very helpful so far .....healing in progress as the throat congestion is lifting.  (I have to remember not to yell, or howl, at my three dogs when they bark loudly).

To be continued



Envoy said...

Saludos Leonardo! Great blog - happy that you’re well. Still in Florida- Keep in contact- Jose Rafael Berrios

Leonard said...

JOSE/- so great to be in touch with make me smile even though we've not seen one another for a decad# Good for you, I hope you are well, please join at fb if you are still up to that ....three cheers for Jose Rafael! Len