May 10, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to The Kossoy Sisters, Irene Saletan and Ellen Christenson, BRAVA/BRAVA!

The Kossoy Sisters

The Kossoy Sisters
Traditional and original songs
The Kossoy Sisters, Irene Saletan and Ellen 
Christenson, performed at the first Newport 
Folk Festival, sang in the original 
Production of Woody Guthrie's Bound for 
Glory, and recorded their legendary Bowling 
Green for Tradition Records. They are 
known for their clear bell-like harmonies, 
which have inspired and influenced other 
singers. Although they sing mostly southern 
mountain songs, they have also adopted 
other traditional and contemporary songs, as 
well as written some of their own.

Irene and Ellen began singing in harmony at the age of 8 or 9, singing mostly what they

heard around the house: songs of the 20's and music hall songs. In their early teenage
years, they became immersed in traditional songs and became part of the music scene in
Washington Square in Greenwich Village. By the age of 20, they had performed widely
in New York.

In addition to Newport, the Kossoy Sisters performed at many other festivals and coffee
houses, including the Fox Hollow Festival, University of Chicago Folk Festival, and the
Eisteddfod in eastern Massachusetts. In 1997, Bowling Green was reissued as a CD by
Rykodisc. The Kossoys resumed performing for the Folk Song Society of Greater
Boston, the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, the Pinewoods Folk Music Club of
New York, and participated in the Truly Acoustic Folk Festival in Cambridge, MA and
the Summer Solstice Festival in southern California, among others. In 2001, the Coen
Brothers included the Kossoy Sisters' version of “I'll Fly Away” in their movie, O
Brother, Where Art Thou. Their CD, Hop on Pretty Girls, produced by Living Folk, Inc.
was released in the fall of 2002.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FROM GUATEMALA (we realize you are hanging out in Boston with your *other* family, oh well)

Calvin (not Klein) de las Gemelas
Coban de las Gemelas
To contact the Kossoy Sisters, visit their web site at

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