Aug 21, 2011

ATTN ARCHBISHOP DANIEL BUL/SUDAN -- ARE YOU ¨LISTENING¨ TO LGBT ANGLICANS ? ¨They anally raped me with the metal object that they used to beat me, all the time laughing out loud...¨

Freedom Sudan: "Start the Conversation about Homosexuality"

¨In April 2009 in Sudan, 11 friends and I were holding a private house party. Agents from the intelligence agency raided the party and took us away to an unknown location. Everyone was put in solitary confinement in cells.

The cells were very dirty and I was denied water and food for two days. In their interrogation they stripped me naked and began asking me about everything.

They wanted to know whether I am gay, who my friends, my family were and what were my political and LGBT association activities?

Then they started to hit me. One of them put a pistol to my head and said he wished he could kill me right away. They dragged me by the legs and strung me up, and hit me with a metal rod all over my body. They grabbed my privates and hit me there too. They anally raped me with the metal object that they used to beat me, all the time laughing out loud and mocking me asking if I wanted more.

By this time I was screaming from pain and I was bleeding and hurt I couldn’t even control my bladder. They kept at this until I lost consciousness.

I remained locked up for four weeks and spent another three and a half months in prison and while waiting for my trial in which I was expecting to be sentenced to death since I was caught “red handed.”

However some of my family members succeeded in smuggling me out of prison and then I escaped the country using a fake passport. My other friends did not have it easy either. Eight of them were flogged 100 lashes each while the fate of another three, including my boyfriend remains unknown...¨ please read it all, HERE

Are you listening?  Are you listening to the voices of the persecuted, the demonized, the tortured LGBT of Sudan?

Freedom Sudan HERE  is the only LGBTI organisation in Sudan. The organisation was formed in December 2006 and is considered illegal. Homosexual behavior is illegal in Sudan and homosexuals face the death penalty. A member of Freedom Sudan recently posted a video to YouTube encouraging the Sudanese people to start talking openly about homosexuality.
Rt Revd Daniel Deng Bul ,  Anglican Archbishop of Sudan

· Thanks to African Activist
· Thanks to Freedom Sudan

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