Nov 7, 2010

ATTN ANGLICAN GLOBAL SOUTH/GAFCON: The Raping and Beating Goes On in Africa--as you proudly preach ¨Selective Scriptural¨ demonizing/marginalizing!

Please support Milly Gaika with your prayers and positive thoughts and hopes for her well-being.
Millicent Gaika was beaten and raped for five hours by a man who told her he wanted to “turn her into a woman”. This week, in an act of extraordinary bravery, Millicent testified in court before her rapist. Ndumie Funda, the director of Luleki Sizwe, described the court appearance.

¨I’ve never been as tired as yesterday; we arrived at Wynberg Court at 8.30am ~ Millicent was ready to take the stand, and was called in at 10am; we were not allowed to enter the court as they said the journalists were going to write a false story. I then spoke to Millicent about that and she was fine with getting everybody in, including the journalist.

They then again persuaded her not to allow any body in while she was testifying; not even her own mother was allowed to get in inside. We all sat in the bangers, with Andile Ncoza, the guy who raped Millicent, sitting next to us! He just sat staring at me with those angry eyes ~ last week while i was driving passing his house he was standing outside, and when he saw my car he was swearing at me and shouted “I’m gonna get you, Bitch!”.

Milly was very nervous testifying as she was alone, and the court was surrounded with cameras … She told me that when she was standing in front of the magistrate facing Andile Ncoza she re-lived the whole ordeal!

1pm was lunch time, and as Andile walked to the shop, all the Luleki Sizwe supporters, Milly’s friends and his niece (who is also a lesbian) were singing a song called “Elizuma lilapha lisenzeli wari”(This rapist is making us worried). He did not want to come out of the shop because the cameras were on him. His niece/Milly’s friend, threw water at him, and some of the women spat in his face!

We spent the whole day in court and only left 4.30pm.

Milly’s next appearance in court is next Wednesday 10-11-10.¨ HERE

“Elizuma lilapha lisenzeli wari”(This rapist is making us worried).
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Doorman-Priest said...

I could weep. Prayers ascending.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending for our Sister Millicent!