Apr 6, 2010

REMEMBERING +RATZINGER 2003: ¨I hasten to assure¨ with ¨heartfelt prayers¨ a ¨sense¨ for exclusion and schism at The Episcopal Church?

Pope Benedict XVI, the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The ¨Good Old Daze/Days¨ were busy for Cardinal Ratzinger as he ¨cheered¨ American Anglican Council actions of discord, distraction/destruction, endless unhappiness (up to today), poaching/thievery, lack of LOVE/UNITY and inner-denominational-ill-will and gross deceit at The Episcopal Church and throughout many Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

One American Anglican Council ¨Sugar Daddy/Benefactor¨ Howard Ahmanson Jr and ¨Following the Money¨ HERE

NOTE: Howard Ahmanson turns out to be the primary contributor of the AAC. He has pledged $200,000 annually to the organization. There was discussion to add his name to the letterhead of the AAC, but cooler heads prevailed. It would not be wise to allow such a blatant connection between the AAC and an extremist. Instead, Roberta Ahmanson, Howard's wife, was appointed to the board of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. The IRD happens to share an suite of office in Washington DC with the AAC. The IRD is notorious among most of the mainline denominations as advocates for conservative movements, with their clear agenda being to be a subversive element, until they can get their own right wing candidates in positions of authority within the Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal and Lutheran churches. HERE

Setting the stage for ¨Pillagers in Purple¨

NOTE:We occasionally hear of some Episcopal parish that is upset with the Episcopal Church over one thing or another deciding to break with the Church. These sad stories are nothing new. There's never been a time in the history of the Church when one group or another didn't attempt to sever the ties that bound the body together. So it goes when frail and flawed humans seek purity. As we all know, the Church could be a wonderful and holy place, if it wasn't for all those damn people! The only pure Church would be an empty one; but of course then it wouldn't be the Church, would it? HERE

ENTER: JOSEPH CARDINAL RATZINGER letter to American Anglican Council´s ¨A Place to Stand¨ Conference in Dallas, October 8, 2003

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the Vatican's top theologian and Pope John Paul II's advisor, sent a letter of support on behalf of the Pope to those gathered at the American Anglican Council's "A Place to Stand: Declaring, Preparing" locked down/out anti-LGBT Clergy SCHISM PLANNING conference in Dallas/Plano, Texas. Clearly a holy and ¨love thy neighbor¨ type guy.

The letter:

From Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
The Vatican, on Behalf of Pope John Paul II

I hasten to assure you of my heartfelt prayers for all those taking part in this convocation. The significance of your meeting is sensed far beyond Plano, and even in this City from which Saint Augustine of Canterbury was sent to confirm and strengthen the preaching of Christ's Gospel in England. Nor can I fail to recall that barely 120 years later, Saint Boniface brought that same Christian faith from England to my own forebears in Germany.

The lives of these saints show us how in the Church of Christ there is a unity in truth and a communion of grace which transcend the borders of any nation. With this in mind, I pray in particular that God's will may be done by all those who seek that unity in the truth, the gift of Christ himself.

With fraternal regards, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

FAST FORWARD: January 15, 2010, As Pope Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI

Pope defends invitation to Anglicans to join Catholic Church as ‘ultimate aim’ of ecumenism

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI defended his decision to invite disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church en masse, saying Friday it was the “ultimate aim” of ecumenism.

Benedict told members of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the invitation wasn’t an attack on the church’s reunification efforts with other Christians but was rather designed to help them by bringing about “full and visible communion.”

The Vatican in October announced it was making it easier for traditional Anglicans upset over women priests and gay bishops to join the Catholic Church while retaining many of their Anglican traditions, including married priests. HERE

Rescue Catholicism from the Vatican

¨...Pope Benedict XVI has denounced the predator priests with due severity, but he cannot credibly chastise their enabler bishops because he has been one of them... HERE

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