Jul 13, 2008

Green and White, Rah, Rah, Rah, Ziz, Boom, Bah!

On a earlier thread ( "home again/home again" posted below ) it was pointed out to me (and all of you) by discreet Padre Mickey (who is also usually very good differentiating color/tone, reporting the lives of Saints and writing about those amongst us who are very likely to become candidates for sainthood/other ) and Lynn (who is a fully-fledged brilliant arbitrator of chic/good-taste and pastry recipes and all that is desireable to known woman/mankind) that my FORMER blog Featured Picture revealed I had GREEN TEETH (Cany sorta confirmed it too but I'm still pretending she didn't)...in order to clear up/stop this unfortunate perception and outright LIE before akinola and orombi (not to mention David Virtueless and the Pope) grab on to it/the rumor and further abominate/discredit me with my aledged moss like smile to their recently artificially toothed (capped and dentured) discipled cud chewing flock/following...I wish to set my dental record "straight" and tell you ALL the history of my stain-free (mostly) dental developments through the decades...I knew you'd want to know the REAL scoop.
As you can see, pictured above, my full blooded sister, Marilynn (whose birthday was July 7th when she became...well, once again, older than me, thanks be to God and our Mothers balanced meals during childhood) featuring her full set of NATURAL and healthy white sparklers...I, pictured on the right in Men's grown-up-clothing at age 17, also had a full set of NATURAL dentes (albeit with one extra fang previously/earlier removed that was intentionally placed/grown between my "two front teeth" by God who has, and always has, insisted on my CLEAR understanding of my most wish-to-be-hidden imperfections/vulnerabilities and assorted *other* slight, hardly noticeable unless one is being discriminated against, differences in my inner-most "being" and to make it starkly clear that I'm not in charge/control of jack shit, physical irregularities or my sexual orientation ).
Crystal clear and white as snow simultaneously!
Meanwhile, back in my body, my teeth survived a viscious attack of active alcoholism (from College for 17 years until age 35) and tens of thousands of flame-throwing incidents with Marlborough Cigarettes (both regular and light)...however, because of, but not restricted to, clawing/cloying attempts at VANITY, me and my teeth were hauled in (under the influence of Valium) for regular cleaning/filling and general tune-ups.
As you can clearly *see* in the brief glimpse of my dentes in the photo that features indigenous dolls of dos locations and me yesterday...I've GOT WHITE TEETH! In fact, snarl/snarl, they have been recently declared Living Testimonials to the value of flossing and rubber tipping down through the decades (since my full mouth Pariodontal Surgery shortly after I stopped "staying too long at the the fair" 30 years ago).
So, in the end...GREEN is my favorite color but it ain't the color of my WHITE teeth...I'm attempting to live happily ever-after with multi/seemingly endless deep cleanings (one bleach job) ...thanks be to God and I thank all of YOU, with and without good color sense, for allowing me to share my little personal history with thee.
Pray for loving one another and generosity to the Spirit at The Lambeth Conference in Canterbury...Pray for Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori of TEC and The Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central America and The Most Revd Martin de Jesus Barahona. Pray for
Bishop V.G. Robinson and for the wonders of Bishops Chane, Bruno, Alvarez and all those dozens of other bishops who believe that WE are ALL created to be the authentic people that God wants us to be regardless of sexual orientation...after that, our personal character challenges become clear to God, other human beings and OURSELVES (well, mostly).
Pray for The Anglican Communion


fs said...

Okay, but how come your sister's high-school photo is in color and yours isn't?

Leonard said...

Okay, but how come your sister's high-school photo is in color and yours isn't? fs

They liked her best?

I don't wear lipstick?

My suit was gray?

Who knows? (I never noticed...isn't that funny?)

I love you for noticing, fs, and I think I'll always think of YOU in black cropped pants, red top (Chineesey?) with White Ponytail at Mass in Sacramento listening to +Robinson (at the Church where I thieved a Prayer Book when I was a highschooler not-usually-a-thief attending a Key Club Convention in Sacramento).I read your self-description somewhere and loved you illustrating you for me (and the rest of your fans).

fs said...

Good Lord, what a memory you have, Leonardo. (I wore the same thing to church today, only with flats, not sandals.)

And...now...we know... what happened... to the missing BCP!! (I won't tell.)

Lynn said...

Leonardo, I promise to do everything possible when the inevitable rumors about the link between green teeth and being gay actually start. I suspect, however, that a Mr. Griffith will be the one to root out "scientific" evidence and leap to several definitive conclusions.

As I sit here at the 'puter - looking très chic in ponytail and old comfy grey summer sweats, I must thank you for your confidence in my fashion sense. I am not wearing pink fluffy slippers, and that makes all the difference in the world of home office fashion.

David G. said...

Well at least you still have teeth. The 16 I still have left are perminantly tinged yellow from drugs given to me as a child.(I was allergic to everything + asthmatic as a child). Shots, pills, & waaaay too many Dr. visits.

It's no wonder I treat the medical profession as if it were the Plague.

Padre Mickey said...

Wait, fs, Leonardo's photo is in colour, or at least it is on my screen; well, actually, I think that both photos were tinted.

Love that burr, Leonado! I had to wear my hair like that all through my childhood. Actually, when we lived on Okinawa they would cut it so close i looked like a little Buddhist monk!

Of course, now I have skin-coloured hair.

Leonard said...

I think that both photos were tinted. Padre Mickey

In addition:

Both "persons" are still "tinted"...but, thanks be to God, hardly "tainted"...ah, so much for keen-eyed quality control, sometimes it's over-rated (especially when noting green teeth and green hair...lol).

fs said...

Yes, now I see it, Padre, thanks. I hadn't noticed at first, but Leonardo's hair and eyes are brown in the photo, and the pin on his jacket is gold. It's very subtle. (Now I wonder what the pin was -- an honor society, maybe?)

The neat thing about the burr haircuts is how cool it felt to run your hand against the grain of the burr. (I used to do that to my younger male cousins. They didn't seem to mind.)

Leonard said...

"...and the pin on his jacket is gold." fs

I love it...name that pin? Let's see, since I was "most active male" at graduation from high school (receiver of the Jeweled "N" which had a tiny Emerald set in it) there were many "pins" to choose from...my favorite was my Key Club pin as the Key Club was, by far, the most prestiges and difficult Club to be invited into (thank you David John Wagner wherever you are)...but then, I was a Knight too...the Knights were the Senior Boys Service Club...who knows which pin as I was on the Student Council too? This is nice fs and thanks for allowing me to remember some wonderful moments in my past (btw, the female, "most active" awardee of the Jeweled "N" was recently revealed before in photo when I joined one of those on-line/interactive groups/tagged(?)...there she was, a formerly VERY serious and brilliant high school girl now a "smart" looking older woman...her brother, one year older than we were, was one of my close friends)...I haven't uploaded my green fanged photo yet.

Leonard said...

By the way, since this is my blog I guess it's ok to yack on-and-on about miscellaneous stuff about me...but Lynn, the female winner of the desired Jeweled "N", beat me in a earlier election to become President of The Inter Club Council...pissed me off as I became her VP...obviously I was a poor sport...but Lynn was always a very nifty. gifted and friendly person anyway...women are often like that it seems to me.

fs said...

You are multi-sided and yet completely real, Leonardo. When you were the young leader/go-getter, I bet you never dreamed that someday you'd be an artist living in a village in Central America. It sounds like it's been quite a journey.

I enjoy remembering the past, too, only what I mainly remember are impressions, moments, textures. They usually come to me in little snippets throughout the day. As long as the memories are pleasant -- and there are many of those -- it's pleasant, like a private, enjoyable movie playing through the back of my mind. It adds another dimension to the present.

Leonard said...

like a private, enjoyable movie playing through the back of my mind. It adds another dimension to the present. fs

Yes fs, I have the same lovely re-runs occur from my REALlife epic...even the not-so-lovely memories often have their "lessons" and appropriate (afterall) endings that somehow are fully observed and "used" by me for personal growth if I'm willing to look beyond the "pretend" tendency within me.

I've found ALL of life to be a fascinating not-so-mysterious mystery...at least, so far.

Love to you today...keep healing, keep those "sandals" moving and exploring everthing that will suddenly "be"...like it or not, ready or not another movie/reflection is in the making!


fs said...

Provocative insight, Leonardo. It's so easy to forget that we make our memories as we go along. Sort of an "instant karma," isn't it? Thanks!