Apr 3, 2010

EASTER 2010: Resurrection is STILL the rising again from the dead, the resumption of life.

The Resurrection of Christ by Pierro della Francesca

In the Christian Gospels, the Resurrection of Jesus was the return to bodily life of Jesus after his death by crucifixion. The Resurrection of Jesus is not to be confused with the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Christian doctrine, ritual and theology are based on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus being actual events in history.[1] Most Christians accept the New Testament chronicle in all four Gospels as a historical account of Jesus' resurrection which is central to their faith. The New Testament states that after Jesus was executed by Roman crucifixion and entombed, he then was raised from the dead on the third day.[Jn 19:30–31] [Mk 16:1] [16:6] His empty tomb was found by his followers.[Mt 28:1-7] [Mk 16:1-8] [6:3] [Lk 24:1-12] [Jn 20:1-12] He appeared to many people over a span of forty days[Acts 1:3] before his return to heaven (Ascension).[Acts 1:9-10] Christians commemorate these events annually from Easter Sunday to Ascension Day. HERE

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it's margaret said...

Aleluya! Cristo ha resucitado!

Doorman-Priest said...

And look! He's carrying the English flag! I knew God was an Englishman.

Seriously, though, I have enjoyed reading the Easter thoughts of the cyber community. Thanks.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Of course God is English (and so was Saint Patrick just to round things out)