Apr 20, 2010

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Rowan Williams ¨Sees Glory in each others faces¨...Selectively that is!

Rowan Williams, ¨First amongst Equals¨ at The Anglican Communion (illustration by Adrian Worsfold, ¨The Pluralist¨)

I have just viewed Archbishop Rowan Williams delivering his video address to the collected schismatic Anglicans who are also the self-named ¨holy orthodox believers¨ of The Global South.HERE This exclusive conclave, is made up of a specifically ¨invited¨ hostile group of strivers from various Provinces of The Anglican Communion and are meeting in the City/Police State of Singapore/Asia this week (money is not a issue for these instruments of colussion who are often well funded by angry American puritans). This Global South group is a ¨restricted¨ membership fellowship made up of ¨religiouslike¨ folk who often share notions of demonizing, marginalizing, persecuting and EXCLUDING LGBT ANGLICANS and others at all levels of Church and Anglican Communionlife. They also often promote persecution and discrimination against LGBT Christians in everyday society on their home turf. Abusing fellow Anglicans/others in the name of a God whose SOUL/SOLE demand is they read their Scriptures SELECTIVELY and deny equality, justice, religious and other, to OUR worldwide loving religious extended families!

Dr. Williams offers them/us elaborately inclusive wordings such as ¨We see Glory in each others Faces¨ and offers them/us the hope of the ¨Renewed Gift of the Holy Spirit¨ through careful LISTENING and attentive, and prayerfilled fellowship at The Anglican Communion. Sounds right? Don´t be silly, ¨don´t do as I say, do as I do!¨

Dr. Williams clearly doesn´t see Glory in the face of Bishop V.Gene Robinson of New Hampshire nor in the Bishop-elect for the diocese of Los Angeles, Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool of Maryland. In fact Dr. Williams refused to invite Bishop Robinson to the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury to share his life spiritual journey and 30+ year experience as a Priest. No, Dr. Williams is a intolerant listener (Lambeth 1.10), and has no interest in viewing ALL FACES who hold GLORY within them. Apparently it´s not essential for Dr. Williams to view faces if they are attached to open, honorable and much trusted and admired LGBT Gay Women and Men in Holy Orders and OUR loved ones, our friends and families...Dr. Williams believes that ¨facelessness¨ is a good thing (deception is often far more convenient than reality) and LIVING TRUTH ought be insulted, punished and ignored. Pity.

Archbishop Rowan further goes on to point out in his pandering video address to the Global South version of the Anglican Communion that there is a ¨deep divide between the Episcopal Church and THE REST OF THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION.¨ Here is his reasoning:

¨In all your minds there will be questions around the election and consecration of Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles. All of us share the concern that in this decision and action the Episcopal Church has deepened the divide between itself and the rest of the Anglican family. And as I speak to you now, I am in discussion with a number of people around the world about what consequences might follow from that decision, and how we express the sense that most Anglicans will want to express, that this decision cannot speak for our common mind.¨

Oh my, the Archbishop of Canterbury has taken a leap into the damaged world of codependency and probably believes HE IS MOST OF THE WE´S--meaning he speaks for the majority of Anglicans (who would no doubt, in his mind, agree with him even though there is NO document that backs his ¨damning of others¨ attitude up). Now the Anglican Communion has a ¨common mind¨ and +ROWAN KNOWS OUR COMMON MIND and speaks for US carelessly and without restraint! Such confusion and spiritual weakness is hard to believe coming from a person who´s title is ¨first amongst equals¨ and not ¨infallible dictator¨ nor ¨untouchable high priest-pope.¨

Rowan, you are a servant of a loving and inclusive God who Commands us to love God and one another too. No exceptions. Sorry, +Rowan, no exceptions, none.

Dear Dr. Williams,

WE DON´T HAVE A ¨COMMON MIND¨ at The Anglican Communion. Even in regard to YOUR much ¨touted/pushed¨ Anglican Covenant we have no majority of thinking/beliving. The Anglican Covenant, a covenant that would no doubt strengthen your ability to speak for OUR ¨common mind,¨ may not be agreed upon by even your Church of England, The Episcopal Church of Scotland, The Church in Wales nor Ireland! In fact, there is much evidence and resistance to the Covenant, enough to believe that it will not gain support by a majority of The Provinces at The Anglican Communion. What WORLD are you living in Dr. Williams? It is YOU who is politicing, pandering to divisive/schismatic Provincial Primates and you who is ¨deepening the divide¨ between OUR brothers and sisters at The Anglican Communion...ALL OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS at The Anglican Communion. All means ALL (in a more healthy codependent sense) and that would include Bishop Robinson, Bishop-elect Glasspool, The Very Reverend Jeffery John and hundreds of thousands of LGBT people and Heterosexual Female clergy and laity--Anglicans with whom you could experience the willingness to allow the necessary healing amongst US through the ¨renewed GIFTS of the Holy Spirit.¨ There is no other way!

The Gifts of God are for ALL the people of God--please don´t exclude anyone at OUR Communion rail and please do not make a shameful and cowardly ¨peace¨ with those who would destroy LGBT Christians at the Anglican Communion and abuse and outcast US in everyday life.

Leonardo Ricardo


¨I would say greetings to some of you, anyway, in the name of our risen Lord and Saviour, but as you already exclude those I might have to exclude, I can indeed say greetings to you all.

I suppose if I was honest, I could say you are able to meet at any time of the year and you just happen to be meeting now. But to give it additional meaningless gloss I'll say that you are meeting in this most precious season of the Christian year - the Easter season and then the obvious point is Pentecost comes next, and that's when we can get out the bubbly.

In fact, to really up the bullshit, I can say I am delighted. I am delighted you are meeting now, subject to the remarks already made, and that I am delighted you are meeting at this time in our Communion. Why I should be delighted when the thing seems to be falling apart, in part due to your efforts and in part due to mine, I haven't the foggiest. But it sounds good and religiously good and that will do for now.¨ read it all, HERE By Adrian Worsfold

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David G. said...

Rowan really needs to start rowing his boat down the stream instead of up it, because hes getting nowhere!!

Caminante said...

Juxtaposing the ABC with MJB (in your sidebar) makes me want to weep.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I know,I know...isn´t it someting when one can see the actual being
of simplicity of being, a whole a humble humane being with good will and well-meaning intentions in everyway? A wholesome man in a leadership position. It takes so little to love a genuine leader person and then it takes such effort to respect a presumptious befuddled figure head...a over-done, pain in the neck who doesn´t even have the basic spirituality or enthusiasm to say ¨Let´s STOP the HATE and GROW and CELEBRATE the diversity at The Body of Christ" No more wasted travel/meeting money, no more silly meetings where no everyone is invited, no more huffing, frowning, huffing and puffing to blow the Anglican Communion down.

Intrigue stinks (and costs money too) no more waste, no more silly meetings no more huffing and puffing and allianceslaced with falseness and intrigue....it´s time to move on and archbishop Williams appears over tired and way over done...can he lead?

Tomorrow I have a eye surgery, perhaps I will see better in every way...send a kind thought my direction around 2:00 in the afternoon...thank you, I´m glad that you visit here and we have developed our own support group over these past days...I´m glad for that.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Good grief...sorry Lee, I just reread the above...I took my pre-op sleeping pill and I´m afraid I´m not fully alert...anyway, you understand my hopes and fears.

Love to you and your kitties,


susan s. said...

Hope you are less groggy and that the surgery went well (today?) Mimi has us all praying for you, Dear Leonardo. I add my prayers to hers and all others that have you on their lists!

klady said...

Hope all went well and you are healing quickly. May everything look more wonderful than ever. Prayers for restful sleep and a rapid recovery.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yesterdays, day after, check up reports that already my eyesight in the left eye is abounding! In one day it´s 20-40 (however it will take a while for the vapor to lift)...YIPPEE, thanks be to God and all of your prayers for my well-being! You´re wonderful!