Apr 17, 2010

FELICIDADES Bishop Guerra/Guatemala, and THANK YOU Archbishop Martin Barahona/San Salvador at The Anglican Province of Central America (IARCA)

Primate-elect Bishop Armando Guerra, Guatemala and ¨Padre Mickey¨ of The Diocese of Panama.

FELICIDADES to Bishop Guerra Primado-elect de la Iglesia Anglicana de la Región Central de America. HERE

Bishop Guerra´s election by the House of Bishops and confirmation by the House of Deputies at the Synod meeting in Panama for the Anglican Church Region of Central America signals a great opportunity arriving for Bishop Guerra and the Anglican Province and the Country of Guatemala.

Guatemala is a wonderful, multi-ethnic culture, artistic/colorful environment that is also a profoundly spiritual country that fills the largest land mass in Central America (all of Central America once was Guatemala). Guatemala and Central America are also deeply need of continued nurturing done by realistic/responsible HEALTHY religious leadership. Central America longs to shine even brighter after years of recession (both financial and moral). Archbishop-elect Guerra will no doubt lead a healing outreach ministry and also offer even more stewardship at all levels of society both in Guatemala and by example throughout the Province as PRIMATE.

Progress, health (both spiritual and physical/mental) and ¨progressiveness¨ remains the key. Crime and murder have run rampant for decades and now with a better understanding of desperation amongst the most vulnerable and poor most seek to decrease the human daily difficulties for many innocents victims of abuse. Remittances from the U.S.A., the number one domestic National income in Guatemala/beyond, are down 20%. Violence against Women (often domestic and drunken) is brutal, grisly and unthinkable. Murder of busdrivers (and their adjudantes/helpers) via extortion rings is epidemic. HIV-AIDS (amongst sex workers and amongst the lowest income people, less educated folk/others) grows. Bold robberies/muggings, kidnapping and extreme poverty/thieving (near and around the Cathedral of Santiago at la ¨terminal¨ and in every other Zona in the City and in surrounding countries too) fluorish. Ruthless gangs are running out-of-control. Vigilantes in the smaller pueblos out in the ¨campo¨ and up in Highlands are trying to keep ¨order¨ while rounding out the urgent craving for NATIONAL HONESTY, serenity, generosity of spirit/otherwise, inspiration, wisdom and sanity to be further inspired by religious leaders, teachers and others. The National police are not fully equipped to handle so many multi-level confrontations in most Central American countries so there are few other options than to educate and offer spiritual and well-thought-out/responsible helping hands directed toward Loving thy Neighbor and against thievery, murder, coveting etc..

Although there are many people at ALL levels of society who are LGBT citizens, they are mostly very private and have ¨low profile¨ intimacies and socializing. In Latin America no matter ¨Gay¨ or ¨Straight¨ personal intimacies are most often very discreet. However, there is a huge ¨open¨ LGBT Community throughout Central America and even Gay Pride Parades too. There are HIV-SIDA support groups for LGBT people, Straight People and all who seek HELP. Much ¨openess¨ is helping relieve the lies that harm innocent accessories to family deceit.

Most of the NGO´s in Central America as well as Guatemala are suffering from large cutbacks in funding except for the very most reliable and dependable/transparent ones such as Caminos Seguro (Safe Passages, quite a fabulous out-from-under project for families and their children who live at the HUGE Guatemala City dump). HERE

Yes, again, GOOD NEWS! No doubt Bishop Guerra and the comfortably endowed Anglican Episcopal Church of Guatemala have been delivered a grand opportunity to SHINE as they guide all of Central America through their noble stewardship projects in Guatemala during the coming four years.

THANK YOU! MIL GRACIAS! The Most Reverend Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador and Primate of IARCA--YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB AND YOU ARE BELOVED throughout the PROVINCE!

Rvdmo. Obispo de la Iglesia Episcopal de El Salvador Y Primado de la Iglesia Anglicana de la Región Central de America (IARCA) Martin Barahona, y Padre Mickey of the Diocese of Panama.

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