Apr 11, 2010

COMMUNIQUÉ FROM THE GAFCON BURMUDA PINK TRIANGLE POGROM: Oy! Selective Scripture reading requires refusal to participate in unbiblical practice!


¨We elected the Most Rev’d Gregory Venables, Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone, as the Chairman and the Most Rev’d Emmanuel Kolini, Church of Rwanda, and the Most Rev’d Eliud Wabukala, Anglican Church of Kenya as the Vice-Chairmen. The Most Rev’d Peter Jensen, Diocese of Sydney, Anglican Church of Australia, continues as General Secretary.¨

¨We acknowledged that the issues that divide our beloved Communion are far from settled and that the election of the Reverend Mary Glasspool, a partnered lesbian, as a Bishop in Los Angeles in The Episcopal Church(TEC),makes clear to all that the American Episcopal Church leadership has formally committed itself to a pattern of life which is contrary to Scripture.¨ HERE

ON AND ON and OFF THEY GO and WHERE THEIR BLIND ACTS of GRANDSTANDING FEAR AND HATE STOP, well, NOBODY KNOWS (except the moneymen who are distributing funds as quick as they can to continue the fear hate campaign to take over property at the Episcopal Church, The Anglican Church of Canada and elsewhere at The Anglican Communion). HERE



New York: Pastor David Heckman pleads guilty to stealing $110K from Habitat For Humanity. HERE

Florida: Youth Pastor Cecil Wayne Seay charged with sending obscene text messages to 14 year old girl. HERE

Alabama: Pastor Anthony Hopkins on trial for murdering his wife and storing her body in a freezer for four years. HERE

Florida: Catholic Diocese of Orlando pays undisclosed settlement to woman after Father Wladyslaw Gorak was convicted for stalking and assaulting her. HERE

California: Pastor Melvin Lynn Silas charged with felony bigamy. Silas' rap sheet includes 25 arrests for pimping, assault, burglary and other crimes. HERE

Arizona: Father Charles Schultz kicked off Luke Air Force base after military officials learned he'd been ousted from a previous parish for the verbal and physical abuse of boys, whom Schultz had physically forced into confessional booths. The Archdiocese of San Bernadino acknowledged the charges. HERE

California: Pastor Carlton F. Hammonds on trial on four felony counts of sexual assault on a child. HERE

New Jersey: Salvation Army Pastor Enoc Sotelo charged with 18 counts of felony fraud in a green card scam that preyed on recent immigrants. HERE

Texas: Father John Fiala accused of raping a teenage boy at gunpoint. The boy's mother is suing the Archdiocese of San Antonio. HERE

Wisconsin: Father Thomas Brundage now says he "misremembered" after church records contradicted his claims of how he handled the investigation into the sexual abuse of over 200 deaf boys. HERE

This Week's Winner-

Germany: Father Ernst W. charged with multiple counts of molesting boys. The Diocese of Erfurt admits that although they knew of the accusations, they continued to allow the priest to work at a male juvenile detention facility but never told authorities about the allegations. The diocese says it accepts responsibility for the "incorrect decision." HERE

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Caminante said...

cleaning up Vermont's name -- the guy who swindled money from Habitat for Humanity lives in New York!!! The news comes from the Vermont television station.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Lee, I made the correction.