Apr 21, 2010

Healthy/sexually intact religious leaders aren't OBSESSED with the private/intimate lives/gender of inclusive Christians!

The Global South--read exclusive gang of crackpot mitred people who outcast/exclude others at The Anglican Communion--are having a First Class, pre-paid, Jamboree at the Police State of Singapore this week to blow their own horns and minds. Dismay and anger in the Central African Province at a profligate waste of money by acting Dean Albert Chama and others as they jet off to a Conference, HERE

The Self Proclaimed ¨God Loving¨ Anglican Global South thieving, deceiving, grandstanding and pre-paid (American puritan handlers) pricksters meet at the underbelly of Churchlife to examine their ¨holier¨ version of the REAL ¨excluding¨ orthodoxlike poop (most of their home countries indulge in civl war, female abuse, exploitation of the poor, crimes of hate, vertical corruption in culture and government, sex slavery and child witchburning). These deadly and often ignornant ¨big man¨ jokers find it obnoxious to Ordain Women as Bishops or to share Holy Orders with LGBT Anglicans, they are Queer haters, abusers and persecuters of others at Church...meanwhile their priests are unpaid, ignored, scrounge to feed their families and are generally considered their servants. This week it´s First Class everything for these overdraped bishops who discriminate and abuse their Church Provinces, their donors, both at home and abroad.

Sudan’s Archbishop and three other Sudanese bishops are attending the “Global South Encounter” in Singapore:

the Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Deng Bul Yak

the Rt. Rev. Francis Loyo
the Rt. Rev. Anthony Poggo
the Rt. Rev. Alapayo Manyang Kuctiel

¨Since his consecration, Archbishop Daniel has been whining all over the U.S. that his province is so poor that he cannot even afford to pay his clergy. He has told us that many clergy are due significant amounts of backpay. He has asked the Episcopal Church and the dioceses in relationship with Sudanese dioceses to raise tens of thousands of dollars to pay back-pay for the bishops in Sudan. He has spoken powerfully, asking us to give money that will support the bishops, agricultural needs, and much more.

One of TEC's bishops and at least one of our priests [neither of them from my diocese] have been working very hard to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Episcopal Church in Sudan. I believed those funds would go to back-pay. I'm not so sure now. If Archbishop Daniel can afford to go to Singapore with three of his bishops, purportedly in first-class seats, why in the world does he need any financial support?? Right now, I'm not sure I'd believe Sudan's Archbishop Daniel if he told me the sun rises in the east...¨ HERE

Archbishop Henry Orombi of ¨Moral¨ Uganda ia a leading anti-LGBT schismatic at the Anglican Communion.

Hot ¨Red Pepper¨ off the Press in ¨Moral Uganda¨ (Note the female stripper, right, isn´t being rebuked or outted but admired on the cover and the Tabloid is owned by the brother of the Pentecostal President/Dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni)

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Caminante said...

Hope you are healing well from surgery and that no te duele demasiado tu ojo... demos gracias a Dios y cuidate.

icearc said...

I made a decision long time ago to drop the Ugandan tabloids from my reading list. Sadistic lot........always looking to profit from other's pain.
Wish you well as you recuperate from surgery.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Gracias Caminant,

Va a la cama!


Ciss B said...

I'm glad you're here since that means the surgery must have been successful Keep healing!

Leonardo Ricardo said...


I think you are the real thing...you have my full attention. imagine? (even when I´m not drugged and need to sleep).


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thants Ciss, I still have a bulky bandage but tomorrow I ought see he world around me entirely (again)...fingers crossed, acceptance is the key.

Brian R said...

Have not had time to read blogs so did not know about your op being imminent. Thankful it seems to have gone well and many prayers for your speedy recovery

it's margaret said...

Oh! And here I was bugging you for details! Oh Len --you are in my prayers for a continued recovery and re-discovery of your startling and exciting vision of the world.

Love ya --and prayers and blessings for you.