Apr 18, 2010

THE VATICAN GAY LIE: ¨Worst of all, it isn’t even the gay community who is hurt the worst — it is the children who have been molested¨

St. Peters Basilica, Roma

Ending the Gay Pedophile Myth, Once and For All

Here we go again ... officials inside the Catholic Church have once more deemed the seemingly endless instances of child molestation and pedophilia in the Church as a “gay problem." Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for someone to blame it squarely and explicitly on us considering the stereotype “gay person as child molester” continues to creep behind the LGBT community, always lurking in the shadow of our shared consciousness, waiting to pop out and make us look like we’re despicable fiends, easily capable of the worst crime in the world.

It is the cross to bear of subjugated groups, an assignation of some sort of fundamental fault or flaw that bigots hang their hats on when making the case against us. Racists often characterize African-American men as beastly rapists, a ubiquitous threat to all white women. Women must counteract the notion that we are lascivious Jezebels, Delilahs who will ruin people’s lives if we’re left to our own malevolent devices. And on and on it goes throughout history and across racial, gender and ethnic bounds; oppressors tell the world a lie, usually centered on some sexual perversion or malfunction, and the world makes the lie a shared reality.

All too often, we in the gay community mistakenly believe that no rational human being could possibly believe that because we have same-sex attraction it means that we want to enact them on children. Because we know how ridiculous it is, we often don’t raise hell as often or as much as possible, believing that other people see the bad logic. Or, for many of us, being characterized as evil pedophiles curbs us from defending ourselves; the shame they’ve placed on us becomes a part of who we are as a culture, it silences us because in our darkest hour, we’re terrified that those around us really believe on some level that we have the capacity to molest children. Once and for all, we need to proactively, rigorously and consistently dispel this rumor.

If we wait to defend ourselves, we’re only running on a treadmill, never able to get ahead of it. And worst of all, it isn’t even the gay community who is hurt the worst — it is the children who have been molested. HERE

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motheramelia said...

After General Convention approved +Gene, I had a terrible time trying to convince a member of the congregation that gay does not equal pedophile and I'm not sure I ever did. We have to keep trying though and repeat over and over again that this is not true.