Apr 25, 2010

SAY WHAT? Ignoring and trampling the rights of heterosexual servicemembers serving in the U.S. military advances the Gay agenda of immorality?

SOME STRAIGHT FACTS ABOUT GAYS by Leonardo Ricardo, Citizen of The United States of America


This morning I turned on my computer before going to Church to find a ¨letter to the editor¨ of ¨Stars and Stripes¨ Magazine (below)...I was immediately puzzled as to the ¨agenda of immorality¨ that is wildly imagined by Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dean Bailey and Nathaniel Frank in their ¨Do ask, do tell¨ feardriven outburst against fellow LGBT soldiers and everyday citizens.

First--Brother Nathaniel/CWO4DB, I would like to remind YOU that YOU are already sharing ¨bedrooms and housing facilities¨ with Gay people. Most likely you always have been (knowingly or not). In my life experience I was fully integrated into Cub/Boy Scouts, schools at every level of education, service clubs, athletic programs (I even served two terms as Student Director of Athletics), Lived with full toilet/shower exposure at my ¨live in¨ Fraternity at College, Summer Camp (of all types), thrived amongst my FAMILY, my Church and EVERYDAY BUSINESS LIFE (I was President of a large import company) without ¨trampling the rights¨ of anyone (or sexually molesting them either). What in the World has become of your common sense? The TRUTH is that my equal rights have been trampled a bit as I paid/pay my full measure of Local, State, Federal taxes during my lifetime as to insure that my Community and Nation are stronger, wiser, non-discriminating (and that your kids, if you have them, get a quality education and a chance at quality Health Care and FREEDOM ¨to be¨ the authentic/equal citizens that God and OUR Constitution has encouraged them to be).

Second--YOUR EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL good health in military service remain important to me but unfortunately under George Bush, Dick Cheney (proud father/grandfather of ¨out¨ Lesbian Mary Cheney and her partner and child) Don Rumsfeld and the very issue of YOUR WELL BEING was ¨trampled upon.¨ Violanted in favor of International, and ¨counterproductive¨ greed, pay-back, seat of the pants bad judgment and loathsome deceit. So be it, our leaders made a mistake, our country made a grave mistake by beliving them but we, you and I and others, will endeavor to turn-around a ¨moral¨ disaster and strive for human dignity, security and integrity for ALL in the ongoing face of possible defeat (or inability to win a clean victory). This is the mess that you and OUR fellow citizens find ourselves in and it is horrible and FRUSTRATING but it has NOTHING to do with you being worried about the personal conduct of LGBT´s soldiers in the military... please be reminded that WE gladly and willingly join in with OUR brothers and sisters to pay for OUR defense and the personnel to do that same defending! WE are responsible Americans and we support YOU/US!

Third--LGBT service people are now and have always been ¨in your face¨ and most probably haven´t been especially interested in YOUR morals or private sexual antics, intimacies or whatever it is that you find so especially NOTABLE about being heterosexual. Frankly, I´ve never noticed much difference between the ¨morals¨ of ANY of my brothers and sisters. I know I can´t control the ongoing sadness in the lives of some heterosexuals who marry/reproduce, divorce/reproduce, remarry/reproduce remain single/reproduce in the full view of ¨a wide variance of issues and negative environments a young person may face while going through adolescence and sexual development.¨ In addition, family destroying Drug and Alcohol addictions, abusive relationships/codependency, sexual addictions and other various forms of mental illness/delusional behavior, exaggerated pride and DENIAL are not selective amongst ANY OF US--Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgender, Soldier or regular Citizen!

Fourth--Brother Nathaniel/CWO4DB, ¨Take the log out of your eye¨ and observe the World around you, it´s not as frightening as you may think because we are ALL in it together regardless of ¨skin color,¨ specific religious/moral belief, or any rationalized or Scripturally SELECTIVE/Misunderstood and hatedriven false standard for discrimination or flat out bigotry. Love God and Love thy NEIGHBOR as SELF...all of us as WE have loved you (even in the face of blind injustice, absurd intolerance and hate-mongering).

by Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dean Bailey
Al Asad Air Base, Iraq

¨In response to the articles under the "Do ask, do tell" headline (April 21), I find it ironic that the nonmilitary advocates in favor of removing the "don’t ask, don’t tell" law and policy are so quick to ignore and trample the rights of heterosexual servicemembers serving in our military, to not only attempt to advance their own agenda of immorality upon us, but to force it upon those servicemembers who most object to it, as well.

Nathaniel Frank of the Palm Center insists that moving a "straight" servicemember forced to room with an open homosexual would be "counterproductive" to the idea of homosexual integration ("Will gay and straight soldiers be forced to room together?")

Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress insists that commanders should clearly state that "housing and bathroom facilities won’t be segregated, and those who don’t like it will just have to lump it — as they do when sharing facilities with troops who have contrasting personality traits and habits."

Homosexuality is much more than a mere contrast of personality traits and habits! It is an "in-our-face" conflict of morality and behavior! Homosexuality, unlike the color of one’s skin, seems to me to have connections to a wide variance of issues and negative environments a young person may face while going through adolescence and sexual development...¨ HERE

UPDATE: “Stories from the Frontlines¨

¨Letters to President Barack Obama” is a new media campaign launched to underscore the urgent need for congressional action and presidential leadership at this critical point in the fight to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT). Every weekday morning as we approach the markup of the Defense Authorization bill in the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, SLDN and a coalition of voices supporting repeal, will share an open letter to the President from a person impacted by this discriminatory law. We are urging the President to include repeal in the Administration’s defense budget recommendations, but also to voice his support as we work to muster the 15 critical votes needed on the Senate Armed Services Committee to include repeal. The Defense Authorization bill represents the best legislative vehicle to bring repeal to the president’s desk. It also was the same vehicle used to pass DADT in 1993. By working together, we can help build momentum to get the votes! We ask that you forward and post these personal stories.¨ The Personal Story of Former Air Force Major Mike Almy, HERE

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