Oct 16, 2008

Upsetting NEWS: Convulted Conservative intentions and inventions require police interventions!

Yesterday I read a story about a very prominent Republican man in New York who was arrested for soliciting two young girls/children/sisters for sex. I was stunned. I was sickened. I needed to think about him, his circumstances, his prejudices, his politics and what he had done to others as he was ¨free¨ to abuse everyday children and people with a convulted sense and use of public trust.

The man, as it turns out, is a statewide, well known, former re-elected Republican New York State Representative turned Parole Board Commissioner...a very important, BOLDLY anti-LGBT legislator/commissioner and all-around ¨family values¨ family man who is married with two sons...this is a disaster for a very sick man and a tragedy for his family...this is beyond hypocricy and shame, this is a REAL LIFE horror story about a heterosexual man who is spiritually/emotionally SICK who deceived ¨loved ones¨ while indulging in his wildly demented sexual fantasies:

¨ALBANY, New York, A tough-on-crime state parole board commissioner faces up to life in prison after trying to set up a sexual liaison with two young sisters, authorities said Tuesday.

Chris Ortloff, 61, was arrested in an Albany-area hotel late Monday by federal officials who found condoms, lubricant, vibrators and a camera in his room.¨

I am SO GLAD to see the revealing/caputuring of the man living in such hypocricy, but, yet, it´s very SAD to think about how many victims will be violated by sexually sick people who will never get caught...and how much emotional HARM and how much outright PAIN has this man already done/caused?

Parole Board Commissioner Arrested, the whole story, click here

Taking the mask off the troubled head of a Republican White man who makes life miserable by working against emotionally and spiritually HEALTHY LGBT people/others made me feel glad in a sad way. I want the LIES to stop and I want the perpertrators of abuse arrested.

I also want EVERYONE to understand the difference between LGBT people who may love one another and a heterosexual man seducing small female children. I want him to get help. I want him to go to jail and face his destiny for attempting to destroy the lives of so many innocent others (of all ages) with his magic chest full of deceptive tricks.

It seems there are many everyday fearmongering grandstanders who direct their sickly PREACHING and POLITICING against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered fellow people over these past years. When will they START BEING RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for their own character/sin and underlying integrity? Must they be arrested before they look deep inside? Must religious, political or otherwise, bigots continue to attempt to distract humanity and REAL ¨believers¨ by outcasting and demoralizing some of their fellow human beings and simultaneously harming the general puplic with IMMORAL, phony, winning grins? Winning smiles that hide behind-the-scenes perverted and abusive/illegal acts of passion?

We´ve noted several of these men as they have been exposed recently for the harm that they do to themselves and the lies they speak and teach as they sneak.

Some ¨conservative¨POLITICOS, PREACHERS and PRIESTS are the instigators of slander and HATE CRIMES too!

It seems since Bush/Rove initiated a open season, free-for-all, for loud aggressive bigots, and their buddies from the ¨religious right¨, to demean fellow citizens that everyday life has been filled with deceit and LOUD testimonies of VIRTUE are delivered by phonies. Encouraging feardriven, spiritually unstable, and greedy/jealous ¨religious zealots¨to express their freedom to be outspoken has resulted in vuglar acts that promote HATE amongst us in our everyday lives. Self-righteous inspired HATE that has filtered down into our national being (unlike the trickle down economy they also promoted) in the U.S.A....even into The Episcopal/other Churchs and The Anglican Communion/other international religious groups...someone, somewhere, over the past decade, encouraged the underlying homophobic fears of unenlightened/irrational adults to become a international epidemic of vileness...a ¨morally authorized¨ immoral popular cruscade attempting to discriminate against and persecute LGBT citizens everywhere. A crusade that turns each of us, one-against the other; Democrats vs Republicans, fellow Church members/Christians vs. others, family members vs. family, friends vs. any/or ANY ¨different¨ human beings of any nationality. This ¨bringing out the worst¨ character assassinating of ones ¨neighbor¨ for political or RELIGIOUS gain was initiated before 9/11. Fear/hate-mongering became part of the swarmy, lie telling, vote thieving campaign of George W. Bush and other strident exploiters and opportunists many years ago.

Religious, Political, Business and/or Cultural/Family leadership dominated by liars, fascists, hypocrits and thiefs must end...it´s time we all look inside...inside and get the help that we may need if we are indulging in thoughts of hate. It´s not OK to HATE/EXPLOIT/STEAL and RAPE THY NEIGHBOR...we must LOVE THY NEIGHBOR as we have been loved and be of service to ALL of humanity. We must say NO MORE to those who would, lie, harm, outcast and attempt to destroy others for political or extremist religious gain. We must respect others and their religious beliefs...but EVERYONE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE for their own actions and STOP slandering/tormenting fellow citizens! We must STOP and/or REMOVE FROM OFFICE or JAIL those with their grandiose plans for personal notoriety, religious dominance, sexual exploitation/abuse and/or illegal financial gain who exploit/deceive or intimidate others to get what they think they MUST HAVE...you know the ones, the self-proclaimed ¨Godly¨ and conservative/orthodox liars in RELIGION, POLITICS and BUSINESS who insist and demand they are God´s chosen and they are more ENTITLED above other citizens/human beings!

Taking a page from Adolf Hitler and his campaign against "money-grubbing" Jews, Ugandan Anglican Church Bishop Eria Paul Luzinda this week claimed that gays are motivated by greed. Click here for the whole demented story

Translation says: this is your church: liars, fascists, hypocrits, thiefs!

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Lynn said...

Thank you for emphasizing that this is just plain a tragedy. I wish that the puritans of this world would realize that unbalanced sexuality is those acts that use, abuse and threaten. And the vulnerable come in so many packages: children, dependent spouses, and of course those recovering from personal tragedy or addiction.In other words - the people Jesus taught us to protect and assist.

Ya know, that God in human flesh guy in the Gospels?

Cany said...

This is a very disturbing post, Leonardo. And probably one of your very best.

When I was in high school, one of our friends step-dads used to crawl in bed with her at night. This was late 60's. Her mom knew. No one did a fucking thing about it. No one. Not her mom, not the school, no one.

Who would have believed her? She was a pretty straight person, smoked pot, did enough in school to graduate.

To this day I think about her. I realize we should have done something about it. We were all kids. But WE should have done something. Even if we were not believed.

The only--and I mean ONLY--bright side to this is the fact that the man is hell-hatin anti-gay.

People don't get that pedophiles and lgbt are entirely separate. If anyone knows all this, you do.

Sheesh... story just gave me the serious creeps, let me tell you. Lock him up, throw away the key.

On a political note, yeah... he "rePRESENTED" alright. What a ... well, you know.